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When word got out that Nina Dobrev would be leaving The Vampire Diaries, we all wondered how our favorite vamps would cope with the loss of their leading lady. Would they even be worth watching at all? Of course, it turned out to still be pretty great (who could complain about more screen time for Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley?). Even so, it's impossible to replace that weekly heartbreak we used to have, courtesy of TVD's most shippable couple, Elena and Damon.

While there are rumors that Dobrev might be making a comeback to close out the series during Season 8, we're not exactly sure just how that's going to work (although here are some suggestions!). In case we don't get the Delena reunion we've all been praying for, here is a list of the 15 most shippable Damon and Elena moments from The Vampire Diaries.

1. When Damon stepped in for Stefan to dance with Elena at Miss Mystic Falls and we all first realized how strong our feelings really were. I mean — their feelings...

2. Their actual first kiss, when they thought Damon was dying:

3. When all that sexual tension finally exploded and they went at it like animals on an ice machine until Jeremy so rudely interrupted:

4. When Elena became a vampire and remembered all the romantic stuff Damon had compelled her to forget:

5. When they engaged in "blood sharing," which is gross in theory but in practice somehow still a turn on:

6. When he taught the art of the snatch, eat, release:

7. When they finally, finally did it for the first time, sire bond be damned!

8. Then the next morning when they were rolling around in bed and it was starting to get weird because Caroline wouldn't shut up about the sire bond, but it was still pretty hot anyway.

9. When Elena kicked that pesky sire bond to the curb and was STILL madly in love with Damon:

10. When they thought Silas was gone and everyone had their humanity on and they were so in love and happy they hadn't realized that Stefan was drowning on repeat in the quarry:

11. When they went to a parent teacher conference for Jeremy and Damon said THAT line:

12. When Elena got in the car with Damon to blow up the Mystic Grill, which is basically the TVD equivalent of Rachel getting off the plane in Friends:

13. When Damon DIED and the Other Side was falling apart and he had to say goodbye and Elena/we couldn't breathe for crying:

14. When Elena remembered the moment that she first loved Damon:

15. Their last dance, which was surprisingly choreographed to perfection:

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What's your favorite Damon and Elena moment? How do you think Nina Dobrev will return for Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries?


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