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Star Wars: Episode 8 rumors and theories are a hot topic on the internet these days. Star Wars: The Force Awakens left us with several huge questions, like who is Snoke? What was the significance of Lor San Tekka? Where did Maz get Luke/Anakin's lightsaber?

All of these are great questions, but they aren't what I want to focus on today. The latest Star Wars: Episode 8 rumor/theory attempts to solve the mystery of Rey's parentage, and Luke's actions since Return of the Jedi.

I must warn you, like many internet rumors and theories, this one seems to have come from the far reaches of the galaxy. I'm fairly certain that I can say, "It's a trap!" Just to be clear, this rumor is false. Many parts are far-fetched and vague, so take all of this with a huge grain of salt.

The Rumor

A few weeks ago, Jason Ward from tweeted an alleged set photo from Episode 8. Here it is:

According to later rumors, this tree was built on set, and became known as the Force Tree. This could be more solid ground rumor-wise, as MakingStarWars has been accurate before and is held as a pretty reliable source.

Weeks later, someone named Stormtrooper Larry posted a "leaked script" online. He claims to have gotten the script from someone called Ky10Rey who is said to be a follower of the production. Again, keep in mind, people love to make stuff up online, let alone that this "script" is hardly the work of a professional:

Whoever wrote this even threw "redacted" all over the place to make it seem more official and vague.

To summarize the "script," Luke and Yoda — who no longer speaks like Yoda, apparently — tell Rey about two children who are given the Force through a tree. The brother betrays the sister and becomes the first Sith, while the tree brings back the sister who becomes the first Jedi. She then begins training travelers in the ways of the Force and starts the Jedi Order. Later, she gives the Jedi the prophecy of the Chosen One and says to await her return. The council believed Anakin was the Chosen One, but it turns out it's actually Rey.

Normally, I would write this whole mess off, considering how unofficial it is. There was one part of it that got me thinking, though. It reminded me of an arc from Season 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Since The Clone Wars is canon, this arc may actually have an influence on the new trilogy. Let's take a look at the "Mortis Trilogy" and how it could affect the greater Star Wars mythology.

Mortis: The Force Personified

Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano are sent to rendezvous with Captain Rex and find the source of a 2,000-year-old Jedi distress code. When they arrive at the rendezvous point, something has gone awry. Rex is there on a Venator cruiser, but the three Jedi can't see it. Soon, they're pulled into a huge Octahedron and some outside force lands them on a safe plateau.

They're met by The Daughter who wants to take them to meet The Father. They set out to see him, but are separated by a landslide. Anakin meets The Father, who explains that he, his daughter, and his son, are actually the Force personified.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm
Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The Daughter is the personification of the Light Side of the Force and is selfless. The Son is the personification of the Dark Side and is selfish. The Father represents balance, and is there to make sure neither child becomes more powerful than the other.

The next day, The Father reveals that Anakin is the Chosen One; the only one who is as powerful as he is. He asks Anakin to stay there and keep the light and the dark in balance. Anakin refuses the offer and the three Jedi leave.

Before they can leave the planet, The Son steals Ahsoka and turns her to the Dark Side. To stop The Son, The Daughter takes Obi-Wan to a weapon that can kill her brother. Obi-Wan loses the weapon and The Son kills The Daughter.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm
Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Anakin uses the power of The Daughter to fix Ahsoka and they set out to leave again. While Ahsoka fixes the ship, Anakin asks The Father for guidance and the Force leads him to a cave that's strong with the Dark Side. The Son confronts him and shows him the future that causes him to turn to the Dark Side.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm
Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

After they leave the cave, The Father steps in and wipes Anakin's memories away. Then he pretends to use the blade to kill himself. The Son is heartbroken over the loss of The Father. Anakin kills The Son while his guard is down and then The Father dies.

What It Could Mean For Star Wars: Episode 8

The rumor from above is undoubtedly false, but it got me thinking about what The Clone Wars taught us in terms of the Force. The actions of the three people on Mortis represent what will happen to Anakin in the future, but The Father states that they have been there for a long time. Could these three have been the original Force users?

This arc left us with many unanswered questions like that one. There was one thing, though, that puzzled me the most. According to The Father, Anakin was supposed to stay on Mortis and keep the children in balance after his death. If Anakin is a replacement for The Father, who would replace the children?

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm
Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Some might say Obi-Wan and Ahsoka were brought there to replace The Son and The Daughter. Neither of them are purely selfless or selfish though. I was left puzzled over this until I read the "script" from earlier.

I highly doubt that Rey is the actual Chosen One. The prequels took so much from Darth Vader, I doubt Disney would take that away from him too.

If Rey has any special significance to the Force, I believe it's this: Rey is a truly selfless Force user. She would bring balance. While Kylo Ren is selfish and self-centered, Rey is selfless and caring. They are in a sense, The Daughter and The Son. If Rey turns out to be a Skywalker, which I'm sure we all agree is likely, then Luke could act as The Father. He could keep them in balance.

I sincerely hope the Star Wars story group ties Episode 8 in with The Clone Wars in some capacity. If they are exploring the routes of the Force, tying in to all of the mythology in The Clone Wars is a must. They may not be doing anything even remotely similar to that rumor, but if they are, Mortis mythology would be a perfect fit.

What We Actually Know

The truth is, the Force has yet to reveal much information surrounding Episode 8. All we really know at this point is:

The future, hard to see it is. We'll have to wait for Star Wars: Episode 8 to hit theaters in December 2017 so we can see what happens next for Rey.


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