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Have you seen I Know What You Did Last Summer 100 times? Can you quote Scream word for word? Do you have a favorite death in Urban Legends? If you shouted "YES" to all of those questions, then you're in the right place!

The '90s were filled with some awesome horror films, but you probably didn't know these facts about the classic movies:

7. Michael Myers and Ghostface Live in the Same House?!

The mansion known as The Paramour Estate has been used in many film and television shows, but '90s horror fans will recognize it for a couple of reasons. The production crew covered up the pool and turned the estate into a private school for Halloween H20. It also served as the location that belonged to a famed horror producer, featured in the climax during Scream 3. If you don't believe me, check out the clips from both films below. They feature the same hallway! See for yourself!

Halloween H20:

Scream 3:

Nowadays the mansion is used for a lot of reality TV, like Flavor of Love and The Bachelor.

6. Different Killers and Different Motives.

During the production of Scream 2, the script leaked online, allowing for the whole world to read the twist ending and see who the killers were. This forced the producers to change the ending. Sidney's roommate Hallie, her boyfriend Derek, and Cotton were originally set to be the killers in the sequel. Personally, I'm glad they changed the ending, because if they hadn't we may have never gotten the suspenseful scene in the cop car with Hallie and Sidney. It is one of my favorites!

5. More Death in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will be happy to hear that Johnny Galecki's character, Max, in I Know What You Did Last Summer was not originally supposed to die. His death scene was added in during reshoots after the studio felt there needed to be more carnage in the middle of the film — it is a slasher, after all.

4. Another Killer in Urban Legends 2.

As you may recall, the killer in Urban Legends 2 ends up being the grudge-filled professor. But instead of him, the producers originally wanted to bring back Rebecca Gayheart's character, Brenda, as the killer. Gayheart, who was a popular actress at the time, didn't have room in her schedule to make it work. Instead the producers changed the ending and gave her a brief cameo right before the credits.

3. Roman in Scream 2?

In the audio commentary for Scream 2, director Wes Craven revealed that during the last shot of the film, when the camera cranes off of Sidney and overlooks the college campus, Ghostface was supposed to appear in the bell tower. As we learn in Scream 3, Roman is the man behind the mask, so this would have led us to believe that Roman was also at the college. Craven eventually decided against it because he thought it would be "too on the nose."

2. They Didn't Feed The Actors in Blair Witch.

During a panel with the actors who starred in the 1999 phenomenon, The Blair Witch Project, the actors claimed that the producers would feed them less and less each day that they were filming in the forest. This helped to fuel the actors irritability and rage towards each other. Talk about method acting!

1. Michael Myers Wasn't the Original Killer in Halloween H20.

Adam Hann-Bryd, the actor who played Charlie in Halloween H20, revealed that he was originally going to be the killer in the film. Because this film came out during the post-Scream era, the producers played with the idea of having a twist ending where the killer behind the mask was just a copy cat killer. Eventually (and thankfully) the idea was scrapped and the killer remained good ole' Mike himself.

What fun facts did you find to be most interesting about your favorite '90s horror flicks? Let us know in the comments below!


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