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I. Love. Daredevil.

He is epic, awesome, and deadly. I had always liked Marvel's lighthearted hue they gave to superheroes, so I was very skeptical of watching Daredevil and seeing the dark ways of Hell's Kitchen. I didn't even start until after the second season had already come out.

I can't believe I waited.

Really, if you haven't watched it, head on over to Netflix to check it out!

My big question now that I have finished the two seasons, is will we ever see Daredevil fight along side of the Avengers or other heroes that exist?

Possible Superhero Team-Ups

In the comics, you see many different people meet up and work together, such as the Avengers and the X-men. However, there are other notorious groups in the Marvel universe. One such group is the Defenders.

The Defenders is a group of superheroes that normally don't work with others. Characters such as Namor, Hulk, Silver Surfer, and many more are either constant members, or regulars. A constant face in the Defenders, one of its co-founders, is the Sorcerer Supreme: Doctor Strange.

'Doctor Strange' (2016)
'Doctor Strange' (2016)

And guess who is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in November? That's right, Doctor Strange. I am just ecstatic about this movie! I can't wait to see Benedict Cumberbatch in action as a Marvel superhero. I have loved everything I have seen him in and I know he won't disappoint.

Now, I do not believe that we will see Daredevil in this movie, but I do think it gives us the huge possibility for a crossover.

Marvel recently announced that Defenders will be joining Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix. They have confirmed here that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist will comprise this team. Now, Doctor Strange was a prominent figure in the Defenders in the comics. He was a co-founder and actually worked with Iron Fist and Luke Cage in the team.

Luke Cage has already been introduced in Jessica Jones and Iron Fist will be getting his own TV show in 2017. This is how the Defenders will get their start.

Since Doctor Strange is such a crucial figure in the Defenders story line, I don't think he can be ignored. I will understand if Daredevil takes up most of Doctor Strange's roles. However, it would be a great way to connect what Marvel is doing in the MCU and on Netflix.

But there is more than just Doctor Strange that poses crossover opportunities for our Man Without Fear.

What About Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man?

There is also this lovely new addition to our superhero lineup, Spider-Man. He was just introduced in Marvel's newest movie, Captain America: Civil War. Tom Holland's portrayal was extremely amazing. I had my concerns going in, but I knew that the studio wouldn't disappoint me.

In the comics, Daredevil and Spider-Man interact a lot. This isn't surprising, of course, since they both live in New York City. Daredevil is, of course, from Hell's Kitchen. Spider-Man is from Queens. These two areas are only 13 miles from each other. Definitely within a good car chase or in web-slinging distance. Since they are this close, it makes sense that their lines would cross and that one might help the other.

From "Punisher #10" by Greg Rucka
From "Punisher #10" by Greg Rucka

Once again, I think that this gives us HUGE possibilities. Charlie Cox, the actor who portrays Daredevil, has even stated that he has wanted to have his Marvel character added to the movies, and this was even before Captain America: Civil War came out.

We know that the Daredevil universe is the same one as the movies. Ben Urich wrote about the Chitauri attack on New York from The Avengers.

The Incident, is that what we are calling it now? — Matt Murdock, 'Daredevil': Episode 1 'Into the Ring'

So, you can't tell me that seeing a Daredevil crossover with the movies isn't possible.

I think we have a very good chance of seeing a Matthew Murdock/Daredevil team-up with one or more of the superheros already introduced in the MCU. The only question I have is just, when?


Do you think we will see Daredevil meet up with an Avenger or Doctor Strange?



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