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When it comes to Walt Disney Pictures, the studio is no stranger to featuring memorable characters in their films. From the studio's inception Disney movies have had an assortment of characters that moviegoers can never seem to forget. The same thing can be said about Pixar and their films. Over the years Pixar have had a variety of characters and each of them stand out in their own way; and perhaps no character better encompasses this idea then the forgetful fish: Dory. Since her debut in the animated hit Finding Nemo, Dory has been a movie character that fans cannot help but love; and this likable fish is back on the silver screen in the new feature film Finding Dory. In the new film Dory searches for her long lost parents and her search leads the forgetful fish (not to mention Marlin and Nemo) on a massive adventure. With the film centering on Dory it seems like a better time than any to reflect on the fish and the impact that she has had on moviegoers. While the character may not remember it there are many things viewers can take away from when analyzing Dory; and here are some lessons that come to mind.

Thinking Your Feet...or Fin

When you have short term memory like Dory, its best to think on your feet (or in Dory's case fin). If you find that you keep forgetting things then it would be wise to follow your gut. Dory has been known to having this kind of mentality in both of her adventures. Her sporadic thinking helped her Marlin get passed the Jellyfish in Finding Nemo; and this also helped her find her away to the ocean life exhibit in the sequel. Dory may not have the best memory but she certainly has the right amount of instincts to get by.

Being One of a Kind

Dory definitely has a one of kind personality. Despite being forgetful, the fish seems to have an optimistic view on life-which makes her the perfect pair for Marlin. More to the point is that Dory's carefree attitude tend to help her befriend several the inhabitants of the sea. Her honest, yet misguided, declaration of eating no fish helped her and Marlin befriend a group of sharks. Not only has Dory's personality helped to befriend the likes of sharks but it also aids the fish in getting along with the reclusive octopus: Hank. This trait shows viewers the importance of being oneself and how that it benefits when dealing with strangers; because you never know how your look at life can affects those around you.

Just Keep Swimming

Aside from her being forgetful, the one things that has defined the character of Dory is her favorite song/catchphrase “Just Keep Swimming”. This little melody helped Dory and Marlin to swim in the darkest parts of the ocean as well as help the duo (and Nemo) to get themselves out of a net. This simple concept is one that many could learn from. Viewers could take the phrase as a means of how to deal with a tough situation. If an obstacle is challenging all one needs to do is keep moving forward and hope for the best. Then again this phrase could be seen as way to jumping into a new adventure. It can be difficult to take that first step so best thing to do is to just keep moving and see where you find yourself. Then again “just keep swimming” could just mean...”just keep swimming”. The point is this popular saying can be quite a vital lesson as its simple nature is one that can beneficial to people and fish alike.

Sometimes the best thing about a character are the traits that they represent and what viewers can take away from those details; and Dory certainly encompasses this idea. While she can be looked as just a comic relief character, Dory has shown that there can be much to learn from a individual such as herself. Just by looking at these examples, it is good to know that the m


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