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Right now, there's no comedic mogul bigger than Kevin Hart. He's an extremely driven worker who relentlessly promotes his movies while touring with his comedy show, and while also reading scripts for his next film projects. He's starred in some of the biggest comedies of the last few years: Ride Along 1 &2, Get Hard, The Wedding Ringer and this summer's Central Intelligence, with the equally-fascinating Dwayne Johnson. Despite appearing in so many blockbusters, there's still a lot the general public might not know about this funnyman. Here are nine things that you may be surprised to learn about one of Hollywood's leading funny men!

1. He Used To Get Booed Off Stage

Kevin Hart may be one of the funniest people in comedy right now, but that doesn't mean he was always this loved, when he first started dong stand-up comedy, the 36- year-old had trouble, being quoted to have been booed off stage. But as we know, Kevin Hart is the driven man he is, he kept pursuing his dream until it got him to where he is today.

One of his first recorded gigs was in The Laff House in Philadelphia where he went under the name Lil' Kev the Bastard where the people were so annoyed at him trying to imitate Chris Tucker and other comedians, that a buffalo wing was thrown at him! You can see some footage of the stand-up below.

2. He Was A Shoe Salesman Before A Comic

If you're convinced Kevin Hart tried to sell you shoes years ago and you think you're going crazy, fear not, because the Central Intelligence star was a shoe salesman before pursuing his career in comedy.

When asked about his days as shoe salesman, he always talks about how good he was, in fact, he thought he was the best there ever was! He can be seen talking about his sneaker life in the video below!

3. He's Surprisingly Excellent at Basketball!

Kevin Hart may be a small dude, but that hasn't stopped him from winning some celebrity basketball MVP awards. This years MVP was awarded to Arcade Fire's, Win Butler for Team Canada. As you can imagine, Kevin Hart wears the crown with pride and confidence as he should! It's not very often that you find a guy that's not only a comic but can also play ball!

4. He Has Man Comedic Influences

Kevin Hart is a comedian with hilariously high energy, in a clear nod to the styles of his comedic predecessors. The likes of Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker are past comedians that have a similar delivery style to Kevin. Hart lists both Chris Rock and Richard Pryor among his comedic influences.

5. He's Starring in The Remake of Jumanji!

We're growing pretty used to seeing reboots and remakes in Hollywood lately, and Hart has joined one of the most high-profile remakes of all time. The Jumanji remake is in production, and Hart is set to appear and his Central Intelligence co-star, Dwayne Johnson will be the lead of the film.

6. He's a Very Charitable Man!


Kevin Hart is mainly known for his comedic chops and fitness regime, but did you know he once donated $50,000 in scholarship money to four students dependent on their GPA. This goes to show that Hart really wants to share his energy-driven philosophy that he's always talking about!

7. He Has a Mobile App

Kevin Hart likes to expand his business any way he can, but having his own app is one of his strangest ventures. The app, entitled, Little Jumpman is available on the Apple's app store and it features content from all his social media sites so you can become even more involved with his life.

8. He's Able To Rap Too!

The man of many talents proved to people recently that he's a good rapper on top of all his other talents! When he featured on James Corden's Drop The Mic, Hart proved that he can do just about anything! Can we see a future rap career down the line? Check out the video of the rap below!

9. He Has a Fear of Dolphins!

Kevin Hart is in his prime he's dramatically recounting a story- and and his encounter with a dolphin was no exception! To see what he thought of meeting the dolphin, check out his tweet about the whole ordeal below!

So there you have it guys, do you feel like you know Kevin Hart more now? At least you know when you see a dolphin you know know that Kevin Hart is afraid of the adorable animals. As well as that, remember how charitable he is, not many people know that about the comic.


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