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News hit the internet quickly that Teen Wolf actor, Tyler Hoechlin, was cast as Superman in the upcoming second season of Supergirl. This has excited a lot of fans because we've only got to see slight glimpses and passing nods to the iconic character in the first season. However, this has left me with one important question that I think needs answering.

Is there a point to the DC Cinematic Universe movies now?

The DC television universe has always been a little confusing because it all started with Arrow as a small time superhero TV show. But then as the show's popularity arose, DC decided to add in other characters to create a semi-complete DC Universe that had nothing to do with their films. This is where shows like Flash, Constantine, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl came in. Some worked and others didn't.

Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace

DC's TV universe mostly consisted of their secondary characters and fans just accepted the fact that we'll most likely never see their big time heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and so forth in the same universe. I mean, that's what the newly blossomed DC Cinematic Universe is for, right?

Well, now they have confirmed that Superman exists in this TV universe

Technically counts as a cameo
Technically counts as a cameo

Yep. Even though we haven't really seen Superman in the first season of Supergirl, there have passing nods, references and even the smallest of glimpses to show that Superman exists in this universe. But why is this necessary? What does this mean for the rest of ever expanding DC television universe?

Does this mean we'll eventually see other DC giants like Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, or Wonder Woman in the Flarrowverse? There was an episode in Arrow that actually had a small voice cameo from Harley Quinn. Well, if my calculations are correct, you can't have Harley Quinn without Joker and you can't have the Joker without Batman, so Arrow has already sort of confirmed that Batman exists in this universe. Should DC have stuck to television? It seems to be what they're thriving at unlike their cinematic universe that has been met with nothing but criticisms and negativity.

For the longest time, before Netflix gave us the amazing Daredevil and Jessica Jones shows, DC was actually dominating in the TV world against Marvel. All Marvel had at the time was Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter which were still trying to get off the ground at the time and make a name for themselves. However, it's no big secret that the DC films have not be performing as well as they should be. Man of Steel had people's opinions pretty split but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was fairly disliked by the general fans and critics alike. So, is there really still a point in the DC Cinematic films anymore?

DC isn't connecting their TV shows with their movies like Marvel does and they're TV shows are much more popular and liked than their films. I mean, even though Supergirl did not have the greatest ratings and was ultimately cancelled, it was still popular enough to be picked up by another network. This could be DC's big chance to be different from Marvel and yet still be be able to find success in a unique way. DC should just go all out and create their own television universe in the style of Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

I mean, nobody seems to have a problem with this. Nobody seems to think that it's a bad idea to cast Superman in Supergirl. People and fans having been tearing apart both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman for years now but nobody seems to hate the idea of an expanding DC television universe. Maybe that's the kind of hint that DC needs to go all out with this idea. They've been having nothing but problems and headaches with their future films, especially with The Flash and Justice League. Maybe we can eventually see a TV version of the Justice League or Suicide Squad somewhere down the line.

What do you think? Do you think there is still a point to the DC films?


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