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With the success on Lucifer on FOX, Supergirl getting another chance for ratings to improve on CW, and FOX green-lighting a show based on an obscure character named Legion, it's a wonder more X-Men characters aren't getting a chance. Some comic book characters just won't translate well to the big screen, but are perfect for television.

Daredevil and Jessica Jones are perfect examples of this. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is currently the only Marvel Comics live-action show not on Netflix. I have a couple of ideas of who could make their way to television. These shows may all be Marvel owned, but FOX has a plethora of characters that are ready for late night television. The X-Men alone have dozens of characters that make for great TV.

Daken, Son of Wolverine

Daken is the son of Wolverine. Image credit: Marvel
Daken is the son of Wolverine. Image credit: Marvel

The son of Wolverine who was once everything that his father, The X-Man and Avenger, was not. Brash, impetuous, manipulative, and a flat out evil human being. Seriously, why isn't he the main character on a television show yet? Daken is one of those characters that would not be liked on any conceivable level. Daken is like Lucifer, except he's absolutely more evil. Think about how much we love the bad guy no matter how much we really hate them. Vick Mackey in The Shield is a perfect example: He was not a good person. Sure, in the beginning he was all about keeping the streets safe, but in the end it was all about him keeping his reputation than it was about his family and his friends. In the end, he had nothing. Daken's story should end just like that.

Daken does what he wants, takes what he desires, and could not care less about anything or anybody he has to destroy along the way. Sure he has the claws, healing factor, and heightened senses that his father has, but those are only the powers he got from his father. His greatest power is his pheromone control. This control allows him to manipulate the feelings people around him.

Getting into Daken's sexuality is a must. Image credit: Marvel Comics.
Getting into Daken's sexuality is a must. Image credit: Marvel Comics.

Daken should be a hardcore villain. Ruthless, but not necessarily in a physical way. He should use his pheromone powers to make people do heinous things when they cross him. Pair him up with a person struggling with insecurities or mental health issues to really put him over the top. Legion, who has multiple personalities, would be perfect. Watch as Daken controls Legion only to lose control when Legion finds out how strong he really is. Make Daken absolutely impossible to like on any level. Sure, let him kick all types of ass, but always remind the audience that Daken an absolutely abysmal person.

Jamie Madrox and X-Factor Investigations

While I may be adding X-Factor to the title, Jamie Madrox makes for a great television show all by himself. Well, "by himself" is a very complex phrase when it comes to Jamie Madrox.

Madrox's power gives him the ability to create duplicates of himself. What's so fun about that? Madrox doesn't just create boring duplicates. Each duplicate has a different personality. Some are cooperative, some are rebellious, and some are down right evil. So when Madrox makes a dupe, he doesn't know which one of his personalities is going to come attached to them.

The constant arguments and fights with himself would always be entertaining. That, topped with Jamie's film noir approach to life, his inability to make decisions -- since he knows he can make all of them at once -- and how he solves crimes could be very entertaining. Jamie may be licensed detective, but he is far from being a professional.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

While Madrox alone is a great series, his teammates in X-Factor investigations could make a show that much more entertaining. There's Madrox's best friend, funny guy and muscle, Strong Guy. The de-powered but tough Rictor who adds sarcasm, and the arrogant, narcissistic Monet St. Croix who hit the power lottery with super strength, invulnerability, flight, telepathy, and knows it. There's the Catholic Rahne who constantly struggles with her lupine side, the Irish Siryn (now Banshee) who is pretty well-rounded for the most part.

And my favorite, the enigmatic Layla Miller. She knows stuff. Everyone on this team has a different personality and, as Madrox said in the comic, X-Factor "puts the 'fun' in dysfunctional" And these are only the original members.

X-Factor is a company by the people and for the people. Because of this, they tend to bump heads with authority their old boss Valerie Cooper and the Office of National Emergency (O*N*E). Jamie may not make decisions easily, but one thing he won't allow is the oppression of people. When he sees an injustice he acts. And even though a lot of his teammates question his moves at times, when he reacts they follow.

We live in a world where sometimes we need to stand up and say "no, you're wrong" even when we are scared to do so. Jamie Madrox and X-Factor are those guys as well. Scared, but they stand tall in the face of any and every evil.


Image Credit: Marvel Comics
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

What makes this pick so perfect is it's right off the heels of her role as the face of mutant freedom in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Mystique may have ended the movie giving an inspirational speech about how all the students are X-Men and how they have to learn to fight, but there's no way she stays in the school for long.

Mystique is the type of person who, like Logan, can't stay in one place for an extended period. It's only a matter of time before Raven gets back out and does what she's good at: Manipulating people and causing all sorts of havoc.

There was a comic book series where Professor Xavier freed Mystique from what was most likely going to be a death sentence. Xavier had her do special missions that the X-Men could never know about. On her team was the mutant inventor Forge, who hated the idea, but eventually warmed up to it -- and her.

It was like James Bond and Q except Forge could outthink Q and Mystique could kick James Bond's butt up and down.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Mystique could be a spy show where she is going around freeing mutants from prisons across the world. Taking out mutant threats, threats to mutant-kind, and all sorts of other enemies. If FOX does the show, it could steal the 24 idea and see Mystique take down a mutant terrorist that is looking to kill the president or someone in the U.S. Government.

Because Mystique can be a hero, anti-hero, or villain, there can be so many twists and turns to make for a brilliant show. Actually, with Mystique's shape-shifting powers, she can be whoever she wants. That also means you don't need Jennifer Lawrence to play Mystique.


Image Credit: Marvel Comics
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Wait, wasn't Channing Tatum supposed to be playing him in a movie? Who knows. One minute he's going to be in the X-Men flick, then he's not. Then he was going to be in his own solo movie and now it's up in the air.

But, to be honest, Gambit would make a much better TV show. Why? Because he's a good looking, smooth, and adventurous. All of these are qualities that make for a hit hero. If you don't believe me, then take a look Dean Winchester on Supernatural.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

So why would a Gambit movie work and how is it more profitable than a movie? A Gambit movie with Channing Tatum ins't exactly going to be an Avengers franchise. One, while Gambit is massively popular, he's not The Hulk or Thor. A character like Gambit might serve better on a smaller screen.

Instead of having one purpose for maybe two hours, Remy LeBeau could have more adventures and a better story where we can really dive deep into Gambit as more than just a thief. Most importantly, we can explore his past. The ties with Mr. Sinister, the Morlocks Massacre, his time as a member of the Thieves Guild, and Rogue could eventually become part of the cast.

Topping it all off is Gambit's powers. His ability to charge up non-organic objects with kinetic energy and make them explode will look great on TV. His added agility and his attack with his bo staff will look great when he's fighting multiple people. While it may be better to see Gambit on the big screen, he would probably be more successful on TV.

Thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.


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