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Are you having a hard time keeping up with all the casting announcements for Spider-Man: Homecoming? Today, Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus) and Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks, Silicon Valley) were cast in the Spidey reboot. Now, I'm not sure what role Martin Starr will be playing, or really even a clue?

Logan Marshall-Green and Martin Starr
Logan Marshall-Green and Martin Starr

The word on the street is that Marshall-Green will be playing second-fiddle, behind Keaton's villain. Tom Hardy, I mean, Logan's biggest role came in Ridley Scott's disappointing follow-up to Alien, where he went loco and try to kill everyone (he was exposed to something). Let's see why he should be Morbius in Spider-Man: Homecoming, besides that he would look scary as f*** as The Living Vampire.


Everyone is speculating that Michael Keaton will play The Vulture, so: We have no clue who he really is playing in the movie. I honestly would rather see him play Ezekiel Sims. So, why would Morbius work so well as the villain?

Marshall-Green in The Invitation
Marshall-Green in The Invitation

I know, it doesn't seem right to have Morbius without Blade, but it'd still be sweet! Do you think Marvel would only sign Michael Keaton to one movie, or, could he possibly be some big bad for Spider-Man (sorry, I digress)? Y'see, you could draw a lot parallels from Morbius and Spider-Man on how they react with being different from ordinary people. And Spider-Man could see how easily one could lose their way with great power. Or:

Michael could reach out to Spider-Man about trying to help him cure his ailment, and then Spidey reaches out to Tony Stark for help. Keaton could be pulling strings in the background and Marvel could have a villain that's not inherently evil.

It would be fascinating to see Morbius descent into madness, while Peter is helpless in saving him. Wait, is that from Spider-Man: The Animated Series? Or, he could decide to help Peter fight against Keaton. This is a perfect way to show how amazing (pun intended) of a person Parker truly is!

Also, just because Morbius is called The Living Vampire, doesn't mean that vampires exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Marvel keeps releasing casting details, one must wonder how large of role these characters will play in the upcoming movie. Usually, only the big name actors get the majority of the screen time.


Filming will soon be on its way in Georgia, and then we should have a better grasp on who the villains are for this movie. I just don't see Martin Starr playing a huge villainous role in this movie. I might be bias for Donald Glover, because I'm a huge fan of Community -- but I don't see him playing a bad guy either. It'd be crazy if Marvel introduces most of the Sinister Six, right?

Kevin Feige says that he wants it to be John Hughes' inspired -- and that's usually a coming-of-age story. Seriously, Peter's life mainly involves around; Aunt May, school, secondhand electronics, and super-heroics! I don't think they'd have May dating anyone, so, that leaves and school and villains for all these casting details. All I know is that I cannot wait to know more about Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Who will the villain be?


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