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Remember the dread you felt when the power went down in Jurassic Park, freeing that T-Rex?

Also, you know how you grimace every time this happens to Daryl in The Walking Dead?

And do you remember when Ice-T was a homeless man being hunted by psychotic maniacs that liked to hunt humans instead of animals in Surviving the Game?

Okay, so maybe you don't remember that doesn't have quite the fanbase that TWD and JP do.

A great new twist on the seemingly immortally popular zombie genre, The ReZort (formerly known as Generation Z) combines parts of those three movies into one zombie-filled feature that's being shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland.

Here's the rundown!

The zompocalypse of The Walking Dead

Or, the almost zompocalypse. Humanity was brought to the brink of extinction, but like we always do in the movies, we fought back and won. Power and civilization is apparently restored, and the world seems to be getting a makeover, even though an enormous amount of the world's population is gone.

So many generations and members of countless families have been wiped out, and those that survived have lost everything, like Melanie. Her entire family is gone, and she's not quite over it. She needs some sort of therapoy, and laying down on a couch talking about her feelings just isn't going to cut it. She needs way to get some of that aggression out. What better way that hunting down and killing something? Or someone?

The hunt of Surviving the Game

Lions and tigers and bears are out of this safari, and zombies are in. A resort called The ReZort, with its top-notch security system, high tech stuff and things, and of course, free-range zombies, gives a chance at some much-needed therapy to Melanie and every other survivor who needs it. The ReZort gives them a gun, a guide, and a means to let their frustrations out on the very thing gave them their pain: the undead!

But apparently, with the return of computers, electricity, and every great thing that comes with, hackers and computer viruses also just HAD to return.

Burnin' down the house like Jurassic Park

All hell breaks loose when the security system is hacked, and a computer virus is let loose, disabling the computers and freeing the thousands of zombies from their cages, giving them the upper hand, much like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

Naturally, neck-biting and headshot-filled carnage ensues!

The ReZort stars Dougray Scott (Fear the Walking Dead, Mission Impossible 2), Jessica De Gouw (Arrow), and Elen Rhys (World War Z), and while no theater release date has been announced yet, let's hope it will be! As the host of the party says, “Because every apocalypse deserves an after party!”

Watch the entire glorious trailer, and let me know in the comments if I'm way too excited for this movie, or not excited enough!


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