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There have been many great debates over human history: whether the world is centered around the Earth or the sun, what religion is the correct one, and whether the pyramids were man made or made by aliens. But of all the great debates, there seems to be one that rises above all the others: what is the greatest superhero movie of all time?

Recently, I have tried to put an end to the debating and find the answer once and for all by asking the only people who truly matter: the fans. In the previous round, I took 16 nominees, paired them up against each other, and asked you, the fans, to vote which of each pair you thought was the best.

After receiving thousands of votes and opinions, we have narrowed the list down to eight films left in the running for best superhero movie of all time. Now, it is time to vote again to narrow it down to four. Cast your vote below, and may the best film win.

1. 'Spider-Man 2' (2004) or 'Deadpool' (2016)

The first decision on this list includes two of Marvel's most famous heroes, both of whom dress in a bright red suit. First off, we have Spider-Man 2. This film has been described by Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios as the greatest Marvel film of all time. That's saying a lot, considering he had very little to do with the film compared to most other Marvel movies. The movie is actually a beautiful story as it show's Peter Parker's struggle to be both Peter and Spider-Man. Throughout the movie, he learns what it takes to be a hero and realizes sometimes doing the right thing means doing things the way that doesn't seem easiest. It is also a very celebrated film as it is of the first superhero films to make the main villain into a hero. Spider-Man 2 is a very unique and spectacular superhero film and is nearly impossible to beat.

Deadpool, on the other hand, is one fans have been waiting on for a long time. It is one of the first big superhero films to star an anti-hero, and also one of the first to mostly be a comedy. Ryan Reynolds nails the role as the "merc with a mouth" and keeps us glued to the character both for the sake of comedy and by telling a rather compelling story. The film has done very well for itself, becoming the most successful R-rated movie in history. That is a pretty spectacular feat and it keeps us excited for the next movies. Deadpool is a brilliantly made and innovative superhero movie that almost anyone can watch over and over again without it getting old.


Which one do you think was better?

2. 'Batman' (1989) or 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' (2014)

Both of these fantastic films have been credited for redefining the superhero film universe. Batman, as many have said, was the film that started the superhero era we are now. Before Batman's release, the only legitimate superhero movies we had were Superman films. All of the rest were poorly made TV movies that very few people watched. When Tim Burton, Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson worked together to bring us Batman, however, it started a revolution. The world suddenly became interested in superheroes as this movie made them realistic. No more were superheroes the impossible characters we only dreamed about - Tim Burton made it real. Without Batman, there would probably not be any major superhero films today. Batman changed everything, and that should definitely put it up for consideration as the greatest superhero movie ever.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier also made a huge change to superhero movies. Feeling fans were getting sick of the classic superhero formula, Marvel decided to mix it up by taking Marvel's most colorful superhero and giving him a political thriller. The Winter Soldier had so many twists and turns, we had no clue what was what and who was who. The movie kept us asking questions throughout and made the audience rethink superhero movies. It's easy for a hero to fight a villain, but when the hero can't even tell who the villain is, things change drastically. The Winter Soldier took a risk, and it paid off well as the final product rocked and is often credited as Marvel's best work yet.


Which one do you think was better?

3. 'The Avengers' (2012) or 'The Incredibles' (2004)

Who doesn't love a good ensemble superhero film? The Avengers, like Winter Soldier and Batman is another superhero movie credited for changing the industry. This is the first superhero movie ever to combine heroes for separate films. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America all teamed up in this spectacular, awe-inspiring ensemble film. Arguably, it even inspired Warner Bros. and DC to start their own franchise, with a Justice League film coming out next year. The Avengers is funny, action-packed a very well written. It is undoubtedly one of history's greatest superhero films.

The Incredibles is another fantastic superhero ensemble film. Instead of having five movies prior to introduce the heroes, however, Pixar managed to introduce us to numerous new heroes and somehow made us fall in love with them in less than two hours. Telling the story of a superhero family hiding in a world that hates and outlaws super-heroism, The Incredibles teaches the morals of family, trust, and to not blow off kids that have the potential of one day becoming supervillains that wipe out 80% of the remaining superhero population.


Which one do you think was better?

4. 'The Dark Knight' (2008) or 'Captain America: Civil War' (2016)

I just have to say, wow, this one is a tough decision. Both of these movies are fantastic and are both considered to be the greatest superhero movies of all time. Let's take a good look at each film. The Dark Knight is beloved for the villain, Joker. The late Heath Ledger gave an Oscar-worthy performance as the film's antagonist, completely mucking up Batman's life and making him doubt everything he ever though he knew. Throughout the film, we see Batman go on a downhill spiral from being on top of the world to losing absolutely everything to a maniac who may or may not even know what he's doing. It's a very dark and gritty film that critics and fans alike will always look up to.

Captain America: Civil War, however, is equally terrific. Instead of focusing on a powerful villain, it focuses on a powerful antagonist, who also happens to be one of the heroes. Civil War makes both the characters and the members of the audience doubt everything as a new law stands between Captain America and the rest of the Avengers. It split our favorite heroes, and even us, the audience, straight down the middle, and that's a spectacular feat that no superhero movie has ever accomplished. It tells an impressively compelling story, while introducing fantastic heroes like Spider-Man and Black Panther. The story moves so much during the course of the film and, even right from the beginning, you can tell things will never be the same for these characters. Civil War is entertaining and fun, while also being dark and gritty, combining both of these opposite features in one enormously phenomenal film that critics and fans both go crazy for.


Which one do you think was better?

And with that, Round 2 is also complete. Thank you for casting your vote. I can't wait to see which movie ends up as the best superhero movie of all time as decided by you, the fans. Don't forget to subscribe to may page to stay tuned for Round 3!

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