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On June 16, 2016, Mountain Dew teamed up with The Splat to give '90s kids a chance to check something off their bucket list: CLIMB THE AGGRO CRAG!

In a promotion for "DEWcision 2016," an event was held in the middle of SoHo to draw in votes for which new Mountain Dew flavor will stay on the shelves: Baja Blast or Pitch Black. The entire area was split down the middle and you could grab free bottles of either Baja Blast or Pitch Black to sway your vote. They even had Twitter vending machine that gave out free Mountain Dew swag for placing a votes on the spot.

But the obvious attraction was the chance to climb what they dubbed "The DEWggro Crag." Everyone and anyone who grew up watching Nickelodeon Guts always dreamt of the chance to climb the iconic Aggro Crag and this was the opportunity! To add a bit more fun for the climbers of the "DEWggro Crago," the winner of each run would earn 150 votes for the respective color. And what better way to kick off a heated competition than with a few people who are used to insane challenges: MTV's The Challenge alumni CT, Jenna, Camila and Johnny Bananas!

Courtesy of Camila's official IG page
Courtesy of Camila's official IG page

Bananas squared off against CT while Camila and Jenna battled it out for a piece of the crag. But they weren't the only ones going head to head. Throughout the day there were dueling pianists playing covers of popular songs, dueling artists painting murals on the spot, dueling DJ's mixing '90s Nickelodeon theme songs back and forth, and even dueling beat boxers from the awesome group Beatbox House. Check out some of the action!

Free drinks and gear? Check. Around the clock entertainment? Check. '90s Nickelodeon throwback music? Check. MTV Celebrity guest appearances? Check. Chance to climb the DEWggro Crag? CHECK! In fact, I was lucky enough to take part in one of the DEWggro Crag heats:

Dreams do come true! Who would have thought there would be another chance to run up an Aggro Crag since the shows cancellation? I sure didn't but I was overjoyed when I had the chance to relive part of my childhood. The cherry on top of my win was that comedian, MTV and Comedy Central personality Chris Distefano interviewed me after the race for their coverage of the event!

With the sheer amount of awesomeness throughout the day, I honestly thought things could not get any better. But I was wrong when I managed to bump into the man himself: the original host of Nickelodeon Guts MIKE O'MALLEY!

And this is when the day when from great to amazing
And this is when the day when from great to amazing

Sometimes when you hear about these events, our expectations sometimes out weigh the reality. However, the "DEWggro Crag" did not disappoint. I came in hoping for something amazing and that's exactly what I got! Fingers crossed they bring this around next year!

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