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Do or do not, there is no try..
Kerry Cepero

It's obviously not easy for comic book genre television to win Emmys, much less get nominated. They are not elevated to the level of prestigious shows like Grey's Anatomy, and How To Get Away With Murder by the voting powers that be, and they are often omitted in the conversations of great drama television by television critics.

Yet, the actors and actresses deserve to have their work recognized by the real fans of the performances they put forth. Since 2007, Moviepilot writers and readers have supported the comic book television genre vigorously and now we have an opportunity to show support in a whole new way.

Below are polls containing the names that have been selected by the Emmys for the ballot on their respected categories for 2016. You will have the opportunity to choose YOUR winners from the community of comic book genre television talent. You tune in every week to watch these shows, write about them, read about them, and discuss the stories with your fellow fans; SO you should decide who wins from this unique group. Ready?

Time to vote!


Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series


Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series


Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series


Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series


Outstanding Drama Series

Thank you for voting! Stay tuned for the results! Comment below on who do you think should have gotten nominated.


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