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What part is Jaws ISN'T iconic? The music, the 25ft mechanical shark, the blood boiling up from the depths, the "I think we need a bigger boat" line - all of it has contributed to making Jaws the most iconic blockbuster of all time, hell, even the term 'blockbuster' was CREATED thanks to Jaws! And what tends to happen to icons as time goes by? The get parodied.

This is the original poster from the 1975 movie, one which depicts the opening scene of the film, when a young, unaware skinny-dipper by the name of Chrissie Watkins gets got by the gargantuan beast of the deep. However, this poster has been parodied more times than I can count on two hands, and here are several of the best.

1. Beware the Jawas of the deep!

2. Honey, I Shrunk The Jaws

3. Beware Mr. Crabs

4. This would be a fluffy way to go

5. Them sloth claws are comin'


6. Poor Left Shark


7. Deadpool isn't too concerned

8. Don't mind me, just ruining your childhood

9. I think the commentary on this one makes it

10. Anyone remember VHS?

After over four decades, Jaws is still as iconic as ever. No matter the meme, celeb or sloth, no pop culture icon can escape the mighty jaws of the movie poster parody.

Happy 41st Birthday, you old shark!


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