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With less than a month before the new Ghostbusters reboot hits cinemas, Sony Pictures is going into overdrive putting out fab videos to pump us up for the film's release.

Earlier in June, we got the wonderful character featurettes, and now we've been gifted FIVE new TV spots! Take a look at the clips below, including one which marks the return of an iconic character:

'Is It The Boobs You Don't Like?'

We had Annie Potts's Janine in the original films, and in the reboot we get Chris Hemsworth's Kevin. While obviously I can't wait to see all the fighting with the paranormal on screen, something tells me Kevin's scenes will also be a bright spot (even though it appears he ain't too bright himself).

Someone Is Amplifying The Paranormal!

While we know all about the characters, we don't know a great deal about the plot of the film (aside from that there will obviously be ghosts involved). However, this TV spot seems to hint that the Ghostbusters needed to be formed after a mystery person created a device to amplify the paranormal presence in the city. Uh oh.

The Return Of An Icon!

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man makes a return! But while he was a pretty solid looking ghost in the original film, in the reboot it looks like he's some sort of massive balloon or parade float?!

Getting That Recognition

A big part of all the Ghostbuster films is the group getting the respect they deserve from members of the public. In the clip above, it's clear that people know who they are, but it doesn't exactly look like they've got the respect thing going on yet.

'Let's Go!'

With all the supernatural happenings in NYC, it looks like the Ghostbusters are the one group not willing to stay quiet and cover it up. When the chips are down (and the paranormal presence is up) it looks like these are the ladies you want in your corner!

Ghostbusters hits theaters on July 15.

Are you going to see the new Ghostbusters film?


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