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If you needed anymore reason to get stoked for this week's episode of Game of Thrones, Episode 9, "Battle Of The Bastards," Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos on the show, just raved about Kit Harington's performance to the Hollywood Reporter, and thinks it'll earn the younger actor plenty of hype during award season:

"I would be very, very surprised if Mr. Harington isn't taking up a statue at the end of this. The amount of stuff I saw Kit doing out there… his fight work. His stunt work. He's like a dancer when he moves. I think he's blossomed from a young man into this fantastic character that he's playing in this. I said it to him at the time, that his work is beautifully subtle on this. I've watched him from viewing him, and also working with him on this season, just blossoming as an actor. And that's one of the things an older actor can admire about quite a few of the younger actors on this show. But to watch him blossom like that, especially in this episode? It's going to be jaw-dropping."
Jon vs. Ramsay
Jon vs. Ramsay

In addition to singing Harington's praises, Cunningham gave a little insight on what we can expect to see in the epic battle as a whole. As the only character to have appeared in both Season 2's Battle of Blackwater and now Bastard Bowl, there's hardly anyone more qualified to comment. Remember how incredible that scene was?

Now, here's what Cunningham said about Battle of the Bastards:

"HBO threw everything including the kitchen sink at [this episode]. It's one of the most expensive episodes of television ever made. We spent roughly a month just doing this particular battle. It's absolutely extraordinary, to be honest with you. The extras that we had were sensational. They're probably the best gang we've had. We had hundreds of them. We had a huge amount of horses. Miguel had the luxury of spending a huge amount of time on this. What I'm saying is, having seen "Blackwater," but not having seen "Battle of the Bastards" yet, I'm waiting with bated breath to see what they did with it."
Battle Of The Bastards
Battle Of The Bastards

So are we, Liam! And just in case you were afraid that we might not get to witness all of the action unfold (like in Episode 8, when we got cheated out of seeing the Blackfish's final sword fight), Cunningham assures us there will be plenty of on-screen slaughtering, and lots of impressive stunt work:

"We had some extraordinary horsemen from Europe to do some of these stunts. Without giving anything away, there were some stunts done on this that I specifically did not want to see being shot, because I wanted to see the finished product unspoiled. I know a couple of things that they were up to, and what I was being told about was jaw-dropping stuff. The horse work, which you can see a tiny amount of in the [preview], I think it's going to be extraordinary on this. It's a very, very, very large portion of the episode. You'll have to remember, there was a lot of quiet expectation [with "Blackwater"] because of the whole wildfire thing, and there was a feel of something bad about to happen, even when the battle happened off camera. There's a huge amount happening on camera in this one."

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 "Battle of the Bastards" will FINALLY air this Sunday on HBO. See these new images from the episode, and check out the preview now:

What do you hope to see in 'The Battle of the Bastards'?

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