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Sad news has emerged that actor and singer Meat Loaf collapsed on stage while performing in Edmonton, Canada on Thursday night.

The 68-year-old was taken to the hospital soon after and his condition remains unknown. The incident happened after the singer cancelled a show earlier in the week due to illness.

Meat Loaf collapsed during a performance of his classic "I'd Do Anything For Love," and the show was quickly halted as bandmates and crew rushed to his side to help. Fans were then asked by security to leave the auditorium.

Videos of Meat Loaf falling to the ground have since been posted online by fans.

This isn't the first time that the Rocky Horror Picture Show actor has suffered a medical emergency while touring. In 2011 he also collapsed on stage in Pittsburgh, later blaming the incident on past concussions and complications from asthma.

Spokespeople for Meat Loaf are yet to comment on the event.

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Meatloaf in Rocky Horror Picture Show
Meatloaf in Rocky Horror Picture Show

Source: Variety


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