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Last month, brand new comic publisher Eibon Press announced that it had taken on Lucio Fulci's classic Italian zombie flick Zombie (a.k.a. Zombie 2) as its first official project, turning it into a brand new, totally gory, completely sick, utterly brilliant new comic book.

The first issue of the comic went on sale two days ago, and has instantly become the ultimate collector's item, with only 1,000 prints available through the publishers website. Unsurprisingly the first editions sold out in less than 24 hours, to the horror of fans who instantly demanded a re-print. Check out this sick video of what those lucky thousand can expect with the first issue.

The comic, produced by created by Stephen Romano, Michael Broom, Derek Rook, Gerry Coffey, and Fatboy, is based on both the 1975 movie, and the graphic novel of the same name, and there are at least three more issues planned to be released between now and October.

But that's not all for Fulci's beloved bloody masterpiece, speaking to the Zombie Research Society, Stephen Romano was asked what's next for this terrible tale:

Once we’re done with the 4 issue film adaptation of ZOMBIE the series will continue indefinitely with a sequel arc that picks up during the zombie takeover of New York. And we’ve got the return of Doctor Menard and a showdown with an insane Army sergeant named Louis Fulci! We’re actually bring Lucio back from the dead to play a major role in the sequel to his own film!

If you want to get your hands on issue #1 of Zombie, you'll have to wait until September when issue #2 is released, as Eibon will be releasing another 1,000 limited edition copies alongside the release of the second issue. Oh, and 500 will be signed. So check back to the official website in September to snap these guys up before they sell out again!

Who would you eat to get your hands on a copy of Zombie?

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