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As someone who cosplays in Utah, it is not unusual to see stories of cosplayers popping up in my feed. Lately I had been seeing a story about a young girl with five different congenital heart defects whose only wish was to meet the fabulous Ursula, the sea witch from The Little Mermaid (soon to be a live-action movie).

Many of the community were trying to figure out how to get Lily her dream, and the SCERA performing group in Orem, Utah just so happened to be putting on a stage production of the show. They sent Lily a special message from her friend.

It may seem strange that a young girl would identify with a villain more than a princess, but as her mother Angela put it:

"Ursula is purple, and with Lily's condition, her circulation causes her to be very purple, and so I think it really spoke to her at a young age."

Angela Poole on facebook
Angela Poole on facebook

The community didn't want to end with just that however. The theater rallied together and raised the money to fly Lily and her family to Utah to see the production of the show and meet her hero.

SCERA on facebook
SCERA on facebook

When Lily met the beautiful woman she was initially starstruck, but that gave way quite easily and they bonded quickly over their purple skin and their hate for the "little mermaid." She was devastated to see Ursula die on stage, but was brought backstage and assured that it was all pretend and her friend was just fine.

In moments like this, you really do remember that there is a bit of Disney magic out there, and anything is possible. Best wishes to Lily and her family, and keep swimming Ursula!

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