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This week we will be analyzing the Top Five greatest bat gadgets. Dare we change the name to Batdgets?

Alright, let's get started.

5. The Kryptonite Ring

Batman's secret weapon against the Man of Steel is the kryptonite ring and of course the batcave has a large amount of kryptonite on the ready. Bruce essentially makes this weapon to wound Superman in case the Man of Steel turns evil and he has to put him down.

In fact he has files on how to take down every member of the Justice League...just in case because you know, he's Batman and he's always prepared.

4. Explosive Gel

One of the most useful tools in the Arkham games is explosive gel. This powerful gadget can be used to break down any wall or do damage to any near invulnerable foe.

3. Smoke Pellets

Smoke Pellets are a trademark for any vigilante. Batman uses these handy pellets to escape the sight of his enemies. Occasionally he will incorporate Scarecrow's fear gas into the smoke pellets to influence his victims' minds.

2. Grappling Gun

The Grappling gun is an amazing invention created by the caped crusader himself to travel from rooftop to rooftop as he scours Gotham for crime. The gun is also a great defensive weapon for him to use if he needs to escape a threatening situation. We saw a great design from the recent movie.

1. Batarangs

This is Batman's trademark. The iconic batarangs will set fear into any criminal's heart if they see it flying past them or on the ground in front of them. Batman's little ninja stars that seem to hurt the crooks with ease and they have a variety of uses. It is Batman's most used and most useful weapon in his arsenal of gadgets.

Unfortunately, we also have a few dishonorable mentions...

Shark Repellent

These lovely repellents were used in the classic Batman t.v. show and we can't even put into words how ridiculous this invention is and also how the Batman we all know and love would never need nor use these cans of repellent sprays.

The Bat Credit Card

We do our best to ignore the fact that there was a movie made titled, Batman & Robin, but the Bat Credit Card? Wow, it's just not right. Whoever thought adding this to the film should be embarrassed. In fact everyone who worked on that movie should hang their head in shame.


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