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"Bollocks!" - Trevor Slattery
"You ruined my jumpsuit, bitch." - Melvin Potter

When Iron Man 3 was released in April 2013, Marvel waited for a year before releasing a short film, "All Hail The King" on the home media release of Thor: The Dark World.

All Hail The King is a 14 minutes film about Trevor Slattery after he got convicted and got sent off to the Seagate Prison, where we also meet none other than Justin Hammer of Hammer Industries, who was apparently sent to Seagate too post the events of Iron Man 2. Check out a clip from the short below.

So before he started knitting Fisk and Daredevil's suit, Melvin Potter was serving time in Prison?

As we know that the Netflix universe of Marvel Heroes fall under the same universe as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), we can safely say that yes, Melvin Potter was indeed serving time in prison where he met Trevor Slattery.

And according to the comic books, we now also know that he used to lead a life of crime, before getting reformed and setting up his own costume shop — Spotlight Costume Shop.

Even though we probably won't get to see Melvin Potter's early life, we could still get to see him put on his Gladiator costume in full, since we have already seen him trying to show it off to Matt Murdock in the episode Penny and Dime on Daredevil Season 2.

Can't see it mate. Stop showing off.
Can't see it mate. Stop showing off.

Who else did we see in All Hail The King?

If you have watched the short-film, you'll also remember this guy:

Trevor and Herman
Trevor and Herman

Now, in it, we learn that his name is Herman. Although, his full name wasn't mentioned, if we know Marvel and the way they love dropping Easter Eggs all over their movies, we can safely assume that he could be Herman Schultz.

The official site of Marvel describes him as

Herman Schultz is a career criminal who, after several prison terms for robbery, built a battle suit that sent out shock waves to quickly open safes as well as give him a significant advantage over the New York police. During his first outing as the self-styled "Shocker" he ran into and defeated Spider-Man (Peter Parker), who became Schultz's nemesis.

Will we get to see the "Shocker" in Homecoming? I do not think so. Could we see him in a future Spider-Man outing? I believe, nobody can answer that right now, but it is not impossible.

So, in a short-film of 14 minutes, we meet Trevor Slattery (infamous fake Mandarin), Justin Hammer of Hammer Industries, Melvin Potter from Daredevil and quite possibly Herman "Shocker" Schultz — the antagonist from a future Spider-Man movie.


Do you think we will get to see the Gladiator in full action in The Defenders on Netflix?


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