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It's Tyler, It's Derek, It's SUPERMAN!

After the good news broke about Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin actor joining the cast of the CW show Supergirl as the legendary DC Comics superhero, Superman himself, fans of both shows are going crazy about what a great casting decision this is and what amazing news it is, for Tyler, the show and for the character of Clark Kent.

"Greg and I have wanted to work with Tyler for ages, so this worked out perfectly because Tyler is Superman. We are so thrilled and humbled to add another amazing actor to the legacy of this iconic character." - Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg

This Teen Wolf star is going from Werewolf to Kryptonian by trading in his fangs for a cape.

1) He's got the Superman look down

Tyler's strong Jawline and shiny black hair makes him an almost perfect fit to the dashing hero.

2) and the Clark Kent look

Tyler is known for rocking the sexy nerd look, and we all know, Clark Kent was bit of a sexy nerd himself.

3) He's already got Superman's other worldly physique in check

One thing you can surely count on, is seeing Clark Kent's chiseled good looks and well built kryptonian body. Cause Tyler Hoechlin already has that aspect of the character in check.

4) He's used to playing the super serious hero type

There are times when being the savior of the world can weigh Clark Kent down, which makes him a more heavy hearted and serious hero, and if there's anything Tyler's good at, it's playing a serious but loving hero.

5) He can play Clark's sweet and sensitive side really well too

Besides all the action and superhero fights on the show, Tyler can also act out the drama on the show pretty well, after his experience acting on both Teen Wolf and Seventh Heaven.

6) He's already mastered the tortured soul act

Clark was a bit of a fish out of water, after all being from another planet must've been tough and Derek Hale, Tyler's character on Teen Wolf was kind of a loner himself.

7) He's really good in action and in a fight

Derek Hale became somewhat of a crime fighter on Teen Wolf and he is known for his ability to kick ass. He's also known for being completely brave and strong when people need him the most, and that's without a red cape.

8) He can portray the romantic side of Clark Kent

Who knows if Superman is gonna get a love interest in the show, maybe a certain feisty brunette news reporter with the initials LL, but if he does, Tyler can ace that aspect of the character as well.

9) Tyler possesses a lot of the same qualities that Superman does

A sense of purpose, morality, kindness and compassion, are just a few of the things that Tyler and the character of Superman have in common, and like Superman he embodies all the best traits that people want to see in themselves.

10) His acting is brilliant and he can do the character justice

He's got the talent, he's got the passion and Tyler Hoechlin can bring the character of Superman to life the way fans want, and the way this character deserves. Looks like it's gonna be Kryptonite that he's gonna have to worry about from now on, not wolfsbane.

The producers of the show have made a really genius move casting Tyler in this legendary role, and we have no doubt he will be a perfect Superman. Yet another amazing actor bringing the iconic character to life.


Do you think Tyler Hoechlin will make a good Superman?


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