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Detroit: Become Human was revealed last November at Paris Games Week. The original teaser trailer was a huge hit and left fans hungry for more information about Kara, an android who escapes the factory in which she was created. Check out the trailer here:

The story of Detroit: Become Human takes place in the near future.

In this world, androids have robotically taken the regular human's place in jobs like waiting at restaurants and teaching in schools. There are millions of these androids across the country, but they are, however, treated like nothing. They are machines and supposedly do not have feelings or consciousness. Because of this human behavior, some androids have acquired a violent nature towards humans and act as if they have real emotions.

The story is very interesting, as it talks about human emotions and the human society as a whole, but from the standpoint of an android - a being that has no consciousness or human emotion.

Of the two playble androids we know of so far, Kara is very unusual. She supposedly has a human-like consciousness and is trying to fit in among humans in this not-so-distant future. Connor, on the other hand, was revealed in the newest trailer for Detroit: Become Human, and is an advanced prototype android who was created to help humans stop androids that act with violent intentions (as we see in Daniel, an Android in the newest trailer). Nothing matters more to him than accomplishing his mission.

Detroit: Become Human's newest trailer:

The player drives the story, which can lead to many different outcomes.

The game involves a lot of investigation. In fact, a power specific to Connor (called Reconstruct Mode) allows him to examine an object and see past events and analyze what happens. While in Reconstruct Mode, the player can move the camera around and play the events back and forth as many times as they want, as slow as they want. Doing this gathers more information for Connor, allowing him to have more options to convince rogue androids to cease and desist. The more information you uncover, the higher the chance that your mission will be successful.

Detroit: Become Human allows players to become the actor and co-writer and shape the story through actions, decisions, and gameplay.

Honestly, I cannot wait to learn more about this PlayStation 4-exclusive game, as it reminds me of Heavy Rain, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also can't wait to learn more about Kara, Connor, and any other androids that we'll be able to play as.


Who are you excited to play as in 'Detroit: Become Human'?


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