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There was a lot of mysteries going into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. What will finally cause the two to fight? Why is Eisenberg's portrayal of Lex Luthor so manic? Will the name Martha be a crucial plot point? One of the most speculated upon was who Jena Malone would play. The mystery only deepened after the film was released and she was cut. Rumors flew around the internet with most settling on her playing Barbara Gordon. It turns out her character is someone nobody would have guessed.

Yesterday a video was posted (and removed) that was supposedly of the end credits for the Ultimate Edition. The one thing picked up by most sites it that it wasn't Barbara Gordon or even Carrie Kelley that she was playing. No after all the hoopla made about this mystery role we learned that she was playing Jenet Klyburn.

I can't blame you if your initial reaction to this news is having no clue who this is. Jenet Klyburn was a minor character introduced in 1976 as a scientist working for S.T.A.R. Labs. She would spend the 70's and 80's making appearances in Superman, Action Comics, Teen Titans and Blue Devil of all comics. Oddly enough according to the DC Wikia, her one weakness is "Cancer."

So yeah, she was doing a favor for Zack Snyder more than anything else as opposed to a major member of the Bat-family. While I'm sure fans of 80's Superman were thrilled I can't help but wonder why all the secrecy around the role. Just one more thing to add to the extremely odd legacy of Batman V Superman.


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