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Benefiting from the incredible chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, Central Intelligence is the definition of a movie that makes you thank the cast for keeping you invested.

While this film will never be worthy of the title "original," it definitely works very hard to get there. Setting up a few plot twists to come in the first act and paying every one of them off in the climax, you can see the care put into the script; However, that care falls by the wayside when the twists become slightly too convoluted. Most of them make sense, but others fall flat on their face, leaving no time to recuperate before the next one.

Following Robert (Johnson) and Calvin (Hart), we pick up twenty years after the fact that Calvin had been voted most likely to succeed in high school and Robert being the fat kid getting picked on.

Calvin grew up to be an accountant, while Robert became involved with the Central Intelligence Agency. Recruiting Calvin due to his skills, Robert unwillingly takes Calvin on as his partner in crime and action and hilarity ensues. Sort of.

This film is being marketed as an action/comedy, but the trailers have been showing almost every comedic beat sadly. At it's core, this is an unlikely buddy action film with comedy sprinkled throughout, so do not be fooled by the trailers. I feel that I may have enjoyed the film slightly more if I knew that going in.

Did I have fun watching Central Intelligence? Yes I did, but to a point. The funny things about the big twists in this film is that you never see them coming, but they are pretty dumb when they happen, which was surprisingly stupid in it's own right. The biggest problem this film has, is the fact that the script doesn't try hard enough, making the film seem like it is desperately hoping these two actors will pull through.

Luckily, Central Intelligence pulls off that feat in style. The charisma on screen between these two is electric to say the least, mainly due to their incredibly large reputation they have accumulated over the years. It was nice to see Dwayne Johnson being able to play the comedic type over Kevin Hart. That was a great change of pace for Hollywood comedies such as this.

Overall, Central Intelligence has a few pretty funny moments and the two leads are very enjoyable to watch together, but the film gets too muddled in it's own story, trying to be too clever for it's own good. With some solid comedy and some fun action sequences, I will warrant this film only to fans of either Dwayne Johnson or Kevin Hart. Most people seem to like these two, but if you don't this film will probably fall completely on it's face to you. Central Intelligence is a forgettably fun flick.


Review By: KJ Proulx


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