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That looked like it seriously hurt! Just hope he's OK...

Justin Bieber was performing Thursday evening in Saskatoon, Canada for his "Purpose" tour when he took a very unplanned massive fall off stage mid-show. Fans captured the entire tumble on camera, and man, it looks like it really hurt. Justin apparently fell through a hole on stage, and appears to hit his head on the edge. Justin, did, however, jump right back up like a pro and assured fans he was just fine.

Bieber addressed the crowd as he climbed back on stage:

"Good thing I'm like a cat and I landed on my feet!"

His DJ then asked the singer if was okay, and Justin again assured the crowd, "Yeah, I'm good."

Justin's reps haven't commented on the incident, so Justin must not have suffered any major injuries, so we are glad there is nothing to worry about!

You're Not Alone, Justin

Bieber isn't the first star to take a painful and unexpected tumble off stage during a show. Queen Bey, aka Beyonce, has taken more than a few falls off stage during her shows that have been caught on camera, including this one in Orlando.

Beyonce was fine, and the show went, just like Justin Bieber. Still, that tumble did not look fun!

Glad you're okay, Biebs!

Better belive... / Harper's Bazaar
Better belive... / Harper's Bazaar

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