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With a second season announced shortly after the first season's release, fans of Netflix's nostalgia-fueled TV show Fuller House won't have long to wait for more episodes. As it turns out, they don't have to wait all that long for a glimpse of the show, either.

Posting pictures from a table read on set today, multiple Fuller House cast members gave us a sneak peek into set life (though it's a set we've seen before, of course). Mostly they revealed they will be doing a special Thanksgiving episode. Entertainment Weekly deduced this would only be the second episode in eight seasons of Full House, and one season of Fuller House, that would focus on the American national holiday.

A Thanksgiving episode would seemingly reunite the entire cast for a big old family meal. From the pictures the actors have been posting, it does look like most of the familiar faces are present, but of course the hole in the series will continue to be Michelle's absence. Unless the showrunners can convince one of the Olsen twins to make an appearance? Do they even like pumpkin pie?

The cast might not all be present, but we say bring on all the "Gibbler the Gobbler" Turkey Day jokes!

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