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With Hugh Jackman's departure from the X-Men film franchise closing in, it seems likely that we won't be seeing Logan for a bit. However, recent set photos have hinted that the Wolverine title could be passed on — not to a new actor, but to a character new to the big screen: Laura Kinney, also known as X-23. Here's everything you need to know about the All-New Wolverine.

She's Very, Very Closely Related To The Original

The claws might be a dead giveaway — she's obviously related to Logan. But Laura's not a daughter or a relative. She is Logan.

Well, genetically at least. Laura is the first successful clone of Wolverine, with some slight modifications and changes. For instance, she only has two claws on each hand instead of Logan's three, and sprouted one on each of her feet, as well. These differences are likely due to the very slight changes in her birth through a surrogate mother.

Let's hope she takes after Logan enough to be as sassy as he is (as demonstrated in the infamous clip below)!

There Are A Lot Of Her

The "23" in her name isn't for nothing. Laura is the first viable clone of Wolverine after 22 failed attempts. And where there's one clone, there are many, many more. Upon seeing her success, the Facility (an offshoot of the Weapon Plus program) began the production of many more clones, with the idea of selling them off to the highest bidder. Years later, when Laura took on the mantle of Wolverine after Logan's death, Alchemax Genetics attempted the exact same thing, albeit with some issues. One of the clones, nicknamed Gabby, now lives with Laura as her younger sister.

Her Childhood Was A Bit Rough...

X-23 was created for one purpose: assassination. From her very birth, she was brought up and trained to be the perfect killer. She was given little emotional support, much of which came from her martial arts instructor, Sensei Tanaka. This didn't last long, however. Mental conditioning by the Facility allowed them to implant a mental trigger scent that caused Laura to fly into a berserker rage similar to Logan's. During one session, the scent was put on the Sensei, causing Laura to kill him. He was replaced by a cold, sadistic assassin, who punished her over any minute slip-up.

...But She's Finally Found Some Happiness

Not only is Laura currently the Wolverine, but she's running with the All-New X-Men, the timeshifted, younger versions of the original team. She's managed to push back many of her old demons, and has been able to distinguish herself from Logan by breaking from murderous, berserker programming, which also happened to be one of Logan's greatest hopes for her. Though it's not going to all be fun and games, for now, she's found a place among the young, optimistic team.

It's unlikely that we'll see Laura take on the mantle in Wolverine 3, but it seems likely that the film will be something of an origin for her, and that she's a big part of Fox's plans moving forward. What do you think? And who do you think should play her?


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