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Leading up to the biggest battle scene in the Game of Thrones series, HBO has released 24 photos and a preview trailer. At the same time they, for the first time, did not release an episode synopsis. They are trying to ramp up anticipation for the episode, but at the same time do not want to reveal any spoilers. They have even gone so far as to give some misdirection.

Still, as careful as they have been, fan theories and speculation still abound. A recent article predicted three characters to die in this weeks episode. While this theory is based primarily on the trailer and photos, the author speculated that Melisandre would meet her end at the hands of Davos. Hard to argue against that, considering the pictures and trailer depict Davos presumably finding the woodpile where his beloved friend, Princess Shireen, was burned alive.

If this turns out to be true, and Davos finds the carved stag he gave to her when they last saw each other, Melisandre is in trouble. While this theory is just that — a theory — I think there are five reasons why it is time for Melisandre to die.

Five Reasons Melisandre Should Die

1. She Has Done Awful Things

In the name of the Lord of Light, the Red Priestess from Asshai has birthed a demon, forced a father to burn his daughter alive, and burned soldiers alive for worshipping other gods.

And, let's face it, now that we know her true form, seducing Jon Snow and Gendry was pretty awful too.

2. She Has Served Her Purpose

Her presumed king, Stannis Baratheon, is dead. Killed in a battle she pushed. Jon Snow has been resurrected, and in the preview he orders her not to do it again.

Since resurrecting Jon Snow, she hasn't moved the storyline at all, and just seems to wallow in depression that her visions failed her. Even in the preview photo before the battle, she isn't prepping to birth a demon, or researching spells to help Jon Snow attain victory... she is playing with her fingernails.

Jon Snow meets Melisandre before the battle
Jon Snow meets Melisandre before the battle

3. There Is A New Witch In Town

A new red witch has been introduced this season. High Priestess Kinvara was introduced into the Meereen storyline and, since Jon Snow's return, Kinvara has been more involved with the series' plot than Melisandre.

In fact, during the introduction of Kinvara, Varys pointed out the failures of Melisandre.

Kinvara addresses Tyrion and Varys
Kinvara addresses Tyrion and Varys

4. Davos Seaworth

Davos has had it out for Melisandre from the beginning. He has watched her do awful things (see above) but of all them, burning Shireen at the stake will be the last straw.

Throughout the series, he has been a good and honorable man, and he will make her pay for all her witchery.

Davos gives Princess Shireen a gift
Davos gives Princess Shireen a gift

5. The Necklace

In the Season 6 opener we got to see the power of the necklace, as well as Melisandre's true self. Is this power also her weakness? Showing herself without the necklace wasn't just for shock value...though, we were shocked.

The season opened with this reveal and it will likely end with Milasandre's end. The books are based on The Song of Ice and Fire. The opening episode was titled "The Red Woman" and the last Episode is titled "The Winds of Winter". It is likely that when the 'Ice' arrives Melisandre's 'fire' will be extinguished, making room for Drogon's fire.

Why Melisandre Won't Die This Week

Aside from the necklace theory above, there is another reason why she won't die this week. In Season 3 Episode 6 Melisandre meets Arya and gives her this 'prophecy'

"I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me, brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you'll shut forever. We will meet again."

And for the record, during this prophecy, the camera closed in on Melisandre's blue eyes.

What Do You Think? Will Melisandre Survive The Season?


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