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DC's Rebirth has been an interesting and eventful ride so far. Building off of both the New 52 and the Pre-52 Universe, Rebirth has raised many unanswered questions. Mainly, Rebirth has introduced the idea that DC's Watchmen is actually connected to DC's main continuity somehow. Not only has Batman discovered the Comedian's iconic smiley face pin with the droplet of blood on it, but Pre-52's Superman has been in contact with a mysterious character named Oz. This Oz is suspiciously similar to Watchmen's Ozymandias and seems to possess some vital information that our main heroes are lacking. On top of this, Wally West, now returned to the land of the living thanks to Barry Allen, has been warning all of our heroes about someone's involvement in reshaping the universe, stealing time, and stealing memories. This ominous being is rumored to be Dr. Manhattan and it is most likely he who is manipulating all of these events, considering his powers.

So, with the merging of both the main DC universe and the Watchmen universe, here are 5 ways the Watchmen could enter the DC universe.

5. Ozymandias Is A Survivor of the Watchmen Universe

While readers of Watchmen will be familiar with Ozymandias' extreme intelligence, incredible physical abilities, and moral code, those unfamiliar with it might not see the similarities between him and the newly introduced Oz in DC's main continuity. This "Oz" seems to be considerably older judging by the hands seen in the comics, but this would make sense if he had survived from the Vietnam War era until now. His interest in Superman, arguably the most powerful being in DC universe, also raises suspicion due to his previous involvement with Dr. Manhattan. I think it is just a matter of time until "Oz" is to be revealed as the original Ozymandias who managed to survive Dr. Manhattan's manipulation of time and the universe in order to help others defeat the monster he once manipulated.

4. Dr. Manhattan Is A Superman

During Final Crisis, we are introduced to many different Supermen from various universes, all with vastly varying abilities, appearances, and backstories. In this story, we also learn the importance of the "Superman" in relation to DC's overall existence. Many readers will have noticed the oddly suspicious Superman from Earth-4 named Captain Allen Adam, a.k.a. Quantum Superman. Quantum Superman is extremely powerful and eerily similar to Dr. Manhattan. In fact, Allen Adam's creation is an amalgamation of both Captain Atom and Dr. Manhattan. During Final Crisis, we see some of Quantum Superman's powers unleashed and realize just how strong he is. With powers so similar to Dr. Manhattan, it's not that much of a stretch to think that Dr. Manhattan himself is just another version of Superman, thus explaining "Oz's" interest in DC's main Superman.

3. The Comedian Is One of the Three Jokers

One of the major reveals that has shaken up the DC Universe was the revelation that there are actually three Jokers and not just one. This makes sense considering his longevity and multiple deaths. With three different known Jokers, it could be possible that The Comedian is indeed one of them, much in the same way that Dr. Manhattan could potentially be a version of Superman. Considering the characters' similar traits and outlooks on life, it would make sense if it was revealed that one of these Jokers was actually born from the Watchmen universe.

2. Rorschach Is Stuck Just Like Wally West

With Watchmen characters sure to start popping up in the DC Universe, few are arguably as important as Rorschach, The man who had the courage and tenacity to stand up against a being as powerful as Dr. Manhattan. Rorschach could once again appear as a force against the possible tyrant. Although vicious, violent, and obviously dead, Rorschach could find his way back into the land of the living thanks to comics always having a way to bring back characters. It's possible Rorschach survived the universe altering by existing outside of it, similar to Wally West. It would be incredible to see him make his return and get another shot at taking down Dr. Manhattan, especially now that Dr. Manhattan is being painted as a possible big bad for the entire DC Universe.

1. Dr. Manhattan Created The DC Universe (Sort of)

Perhaps the theory I adhere to the most is the one that puts Dr. Manhattan behind all of the changes in the DC Universe since Flashpoint or even earlier than that. With Dr. Manhattan's powers it is easy to think that he has begun to create new universes or at least several different realities due to the weight of all of his decisions. If true, it would make sense that he is now the puppet-master of the New 52 universe. While not exactly evil, he will be perceived as an evil tyrant to those whose lives he's been altering. This could be one of the biggest shakeups in DC history since Crisis on Infinite Earths.


We know these characters will begin to pop-up more and more in DC's main continuity, but the "how's" and "when's" still remain a mystery. Hopefully we will get some more answers soon as we begin to move past the first few issues of the new Rebirth titles. Let me know what you think about all of the theories here in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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