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Warning: Minor spoilers ahead. I won't give anything major away, but a few of the easter eggs have some spoiler-y content.

Finding Dory is the latest Disney/Pixar release, proving that their animation team is still at the top of its game. Following the original release of Finding Nemo in 2003, Finding Dory is the story of the forgetful blue tang's life after the events of the first film. When she starts to have fleeting glimpses of memories about her parents, she sets out on another ocean-spanning journey with Marlin and Nemo to solve the mysteries of her past.

Instead of the simple cash-grab sequel that many moviegoers were expecting, the film actually turned out to be an eventful and exciting chapter to the story under the sea. What made the movie even better were the clever hints and nods towards the first film that will have the nostalgia running high for fans of Finding Nemo.

Just Keep Swimming

Of course they can't make a sequel about Dory without her signature catch phrase. "Just keep swimming" went on to become an extremely popular phrase after the release of Finding Nemo, but it factored in a larger part in Finding Dory when we find out that the catchy song was taught to her by her parents. Even with her short-term memory loss, the repetition stuck with her on through adulthood.

Four Sharks

Image Credit: Disney/Pixar
Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

In the beginning of the movie while Marlin, Nemo, and Dory look back on their epic ocean journey, Marlin claims that he had to fight off four sharks to get to him. Nemo and Marlin then argue whether the count was really three or four. As we know, there were only three, but since Dory can't remember enough to weigh in, Marlin gets to inflate his story a little bit.

The Name's Crush

Image Credit: Disney/Pixar
Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

Though the sharks did not return for Finding Dory, we do get to spend a couple more minutes with Crush the sea turtle as they rode the current to find Dory's parents. The scene will no doubt remind you of the groovy scene in the first film where Marlin and Dory first met Crush, but this time Nemo finally gets to meet a sea turtle like he wanted to.

Darla's Return

Image Credit: Disney/Pixar
Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

In just a short moment when Dory arrives in the quarantine facility, you can see a picture of Darla (the bratty fish-obsessed girl from Finding Nemo) on the back wall. While you're caught up in the dialogue between Dory and Hank the octopus, you can barely see Darla's frightening picture watching over them. Always...

Whale Talk

Image Credit: Disney/Pixar
Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

One of the most charming and memorable moments of Finding Nemo was certainly Dory's ability to speak the language of whales, which she shows off by exaggerating and slowing down her speech. In Finding Dory, we see Dory's full range of whale-speak when she communicates with a whale-shark named Destiny. Who knew that being multilingual can help you out so much under the sea?

Naturally with a sequel to such a beloved movie, Finding Dory has to show some love to the original. However, Finding Dory isn't the only animated sequel on Pixar's roster. With Cars 3, Toy Story 4, and The Incredibles 2 coming out in the near future, we can all expect some more throwback easter eggs in the years to come.


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