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Saturday Night Live is known for its catchphrases: from your “I’m Chevy Chase, and you’re not” all the way to “New York’s hottest club is…” Which quips from Season 41 will join the Zingers Hall of Fame of Zingers and be repeated by comedy nerds ad nauseam?

Catchphrases are more about familiarity than hilarity, so most of these selections probably will actually not reach catchphrase status. They are too surprising and too singular. But there are some quotes that are just uncanny: first they shock you into fits of uncontrollable laughter, and then they comfort you with chuckles of recognition. The top entry on this year’s list is one of those rarities.

Michael Che, Cecily Strong
Michael Che, Cecily Strong
  • 13. “Why do we have to labia everything?” – The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party (Cecily Strong), on Weekend Update
  • 12. “Happy Birthday to Mitt Romney who today turns 69. Which for Mormons is a sin.” – Colin Jost, on Weekend Update
  • 11. “We’re at the point where we’re-” “finishing each other’s sente-” “pedes. Human” ““centipedes. Favorite Christmas movie!”” – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, in their monologue
  • 10. “Am I dating a girl, or am I dating … a pop quiz?” – Bruce Chandling (Kyle Mooney), on Weekend Update
  • 9. “How far along are you, Theresa? You look like you’re about to pop.” “We think 2 months, we haven’t been keeping count.” “What?” “We don’t really know how it works, and we don’t believe in doctors. We’re just kinda winging it.” – Baby shower guest (Sasheer Zamata) and Theresa (Vanessa Bayer), in Baby Shower
Tracy Morgan, Kenan Thompson
Tracy Morgan, Kenan Thompson
  • 8. “Jackie Chan was in movies as well as karate.” – Kenan Thompson, in Yo, Where Jackie Chan At Right Now?
  • 7. “My tongue’s not as long as Gene Simmons, but my penis is even shorter.” – Ace Chuggins (Larry David), in Last Call
  • 6. “All of you knuckleheads are getting cars.” – Oprah (Mike O’Brien), in Oprah Winfrey: A Life of Love
  • 5. “God bless you.” “He never has and he never will.” – Colin Jost and Olya Povlatsky (Kate McKinnon), on Weekend Update
Beck Bennett
Beck Bennett
  • 4. “Quick, somebody give that hologram a Holo-Grammy. Not my joke, guys, I’m just laser beams.” –Bing Crosby hologram (Beck Bennett), in Dead Bopz
  • 3. “Paul Robeson of Porgy and Bess fame was one of the great singers and civil rights leaders of his day. We used a computer to make him sing ‘Trap Queen.’” –Bing Crosby hologram (Beck Bennett), in Dead Bopz
  • 2. “Poetry should not be fun. It should be oppressive and the reader should hate it. Poems are from a hundred years ago. They were written by a bunch of dead men to punish children. The arts in general are for women and homosexuals. When you read a poem you should never feel emotion. In summary, poems stink.” – Mr. Kellogg (Beck Bennett), in Farewell, Mr. Bunting
  • 1. “Can a bitch get a donut?!” – Kevin Roberts (Larry David), in FBI Simulator
Larry David
Larry David

Which was your favorite Saturday Night Live quote from Season 41?


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