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To all of you gamers who were absolutely stunned by games like Flower and Journey, you are going to love ABZÛ. In the game, the player takes a deep dive into unexplored waters full of dynamically animated and interactive fish. There are hundreds of species of fish in this ocean, all of which are based off of actual fish.

Real fish are far more interesting than made-up fish.

Creative director, Matt Nava explained that he and the team traveled to many locations around the world and scuba-dived to study different fish species and the way they moved. When asked if the team ever consider adding fictional species of fish to ABZÛ, Nava confirmed that it was, indeed, an idea. This idea, however, was scrapped because "No kind of fish can be as interesting and beautiful as the real fish we have on Earth."

The visuals of the game make it seem almost like a dream.

The bioluminescence is unreal in this game and really adds life to the depths of the sea. Nava says that the game was designed to make the player feel at peace as they explore the ocean. Because of this, the team at 505 Games decided to not make this game a scuba-diving simulator in which you'd have to keep track of air pressure, your diver's breathing levels, and other such things.

Possibly my favorite thing about ABZÛ is the amount of stuff you can interact with. You can catch onto bigger fish, whales, and turtles for a ride and even befriend little droids that help you pass through obstacles you could otherwise not break through.

The game is purely an exploration adventure, and, while peaceful most of the time, many dangers lurk in the waters.

This is my second time playing the game (the first being at last year's PlayStation Experience), and I'm just as amazed as I was before. I cannot wait to play this game to its entirety when it launches on August 2nd.


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