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We recently found out that Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 director James Gunn will be at SDCC next month. The director has also gone and recently made it clear in a video that Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 has also wrapped up filming. A big question is will we see anything from Guardians of The Galaxy at San Diego Comic-Con? It likely will just be a small teaser trailer and a longer trailer most likely being released just before Doctor Strange later this year. The bigger question should actually be will James Gunn return for a Guardians of The Galaxy 3?

Yes, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 is still a year away and we shouldn't focus on anything after that. The truth is with so much universe building nowadays looking into the future of franchises is the new norm. We have also seen what James Gunn can do with the franchise from the first film and the second one seems to be no different. This means of course fans everywhere would love to hear James Gunn coming back to finish the series he so brilliantly started. It seems it might not be as easy as people feel it is for James Gunn to return to the franchise he brought to life.

In a recent Facebook James Gunn was asked by fans about Guardians of The Galaxy 3 and if he would return. The whole ordeal can be found on James Gunn Facebook post but here's what Gunn had to say concerning a Vol 3.

I'm not yet sure whether I'm going to do Vol 3.

This one was more emotionally exhausting.

I love these characters (and the performers and visual effects artists who help me bring them to life) and I'm grateful to have spent the last few years working with them.

It looks like Gunn has possibly poured everything he has in this latest entry in the series and might just be worn out. I would definitely not want Gunn to go and make a film if he's not up for it. The last comment made by James also has a sort of send off vibe going on as well. If this is, in fact, James Gunn last time wrangling with the Guardians of The Galaxy then who should take over? I myself can't think of anyone else who could do Guardians the way Gunn has, so here's hoping if there is another Vol Gunn comes and completes it.

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Should James Gunn Return For A Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3?


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