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How do the films create that Superhero Landing?

Superheroes are cool- it's as simple as that. So imagine having a few powers of your own! Well you can easily create the famous Deadpool Superhero landing, that literally had me in stitches laughing when I saw it in the cinema. So how would it feel to actually do the superhero landing? Well, I cant really answer that because I don't know. However, I can help you look like you have the skills to do it.

Take a look at this video showing you exactly how you can make someone land like a superhero, with power and force, making the ground shake and crack.

So what did you think of the DIY superhero landing? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below. Also do you have a Superhero tutorial you need me to do for your project? You can request this by commenting below or via the YouTube Video.

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