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Scooby-Doo is very well known for iconic villains and funny monsters. However, there are some that are truly gruesome and actually scary. This article is dedicated to giving a definitive ranking of the top five scariest villains in Scooby-Doo. Enjoy!

5. Zombie From Which Witch Is Which?

Imagine This: You are all alone in a swampy, foggy forest walking on a trail when you see a figure. It is a zombie. A pale, skinny creature with elf-like ears and red eyes walking slowly toward you, moaning loudly. What's scarier than that?!

Fun Fact: This zombie works alongside a witch, and strongly resembles another zombie in a different episode.

4. Ghost Of Elias Kingston From What The Hex Going On?

Imagine This: You are walking toward an abandoned mansion when you see a tall man in a trench coat. He then hypnotizes you, telling you to come closer to him and into the mansion, and you can't help but go!

Fun Fact: This ghost tricked the gang into thinking that a man named Stuart, whom he had kidnapped, was getting old quickly by disguising his true age with makeup. As the episode progressed, he used a fake skeleton to make them think Stuart was dead. Creepy!

3. Creeper From Jeepers, It's The Creeper

Imagine This: You are driving down the road on a chilly fall night. Your car comes to a stop. Down the road you see something move. The fog starts to clear, and you see a green-skinned man hunched over. He is very angry and slowly walks toward you while moaning. All of a sudden, he darts toward you yelling, "Creeper! Creeper!"

Check him out in this clip below:

Fun Fact: It was said that the Creeper had the ability to walk through walls. However, the person in the Creeper costume just had a key to the bank to make him look like he could walk right through.

2. Ghost Clown From Bedlam In The Big Top

Imagine This: You are walking on a trail in the forest. Out of the bushes, a clown emerges with pale white face paint. He lets out a shrieking laugh and tells you a grim joke while hypnotizing you. You wake up tied at the top of the trapeze act. You're about ready to plummet to the ground when you hear another evil, high-pitched laugh.

Fun Fact: The Ghost Clown was one of the first villains/monsters to endanger one (or all) of the gang members.

1. Ghost Of Dr. Coffin From The Harum-Scarum Sanitarium

Imagine This: It is about ready to storm and you are, once again, in the forest. You look up and notice a skinny, unhealthy figure on the top of a cliff. It starts to rain, and you are still trying to get a good look at the figure. Lightning strikes and the figure is finally revealed. It is a pale man with green eyes in a doctor's outfit. He moans and you start running. You look back to see that the man is gone, so you stop running and turn around. He is standing in front you.

Fun Fact: The Ghost of Dr. Coffin (whose name even sounds creepy) is impersonating a doctor, who had just died in the episode. If that's not creepy enough, he was a doctor at Shady Sanitarium, a mental hospital, which is shown with what appears to be torturing devices.

For a children's television show, it had some messed up villains and monsters. Follow my page at Scoop on Spidey and comment your thoughts below!

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Which Scooby-Doo villain is the scariest?


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