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Ever wondered what it would be like if women were the ones working at P&P? Or that it were their business cards making each other jealous? Well, now we have that luxury!

'American Psycho' [Lions Gate Films]
'American Psycho' [Lions Gate Films]

Comedienne Dani Faith Leonard has launched a new series named Swapped. This series will basically take famous movie scenes and gender swap them. First on the list is the hilarious business card scene from the 2000 film, American Psycho. Also starring in the scene is Keisha Zollar, Julie Rosing, Anna Suzuki, Nivedita Kulkarni, Laura Kleinbaum, SJ Son, Rasheda Crockett, and Jordan Randolph. Oh yeah, former Matilda star Mara Wilson — who recently came out as bi/queer on Twitter to support Orlando victims — also plays the equivalent of Jared Leto's character, Paul Allen.

Watch the scene from the original for comparison:

Leonard had this to say about her new series:

“The way that women are represented in media might seem like a micro-problem, but movies have the power to influence the way we view the world. Women on have 31 percent of all speaking roles and are more likely to be princesses or moms than to sit at a board room table. Representation on screen in a direct result of the lack of diversity behind the scenes.”

American Psycho is making somewhat of a comeback in its 16th anniversary year. This scene comes just a matter of weeks after Suicide Squad actress Margot Robbie spoofed a Patrick Bateman scene for Vogue magazine.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

What scene would you want to see gender-swapped? Let us know in the comments!


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