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With the recent casting of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in Supergirl, there are now two heroes that exist in both the DCTV Universe and the DCEU: Flash and Superman. By adding Superman to the same universe as Arrow and The Flash — albeit a different earth, but still — the possibilities of adding more heroes to the roster of available heroes in the DCTV universe is greater than ever!

While some people may be screaming for Batman or Wonder Woman, I think it's time we finally see Green Lantern join the already huge list of heroes on The CW.

Does Hal Jordan Already Exist?

Hal? Bruce? Diana? Pretty super contacts list!
Hal? Bruce? Diana? Pretty super contacts list!

Beyond the phone Easter egg above, we've also heard about Ferris Air Field and Coast City numerous times throughout both Arrow and The Flash. Obviously these have just been Easter eggs up to this point, but with the casting of Superman on Supergirl, and the plethora of other heroes including Hawkgirl, ATOM, Martian Manhunter, and more recently Hourman, the time is right to finally meet the intergalactic space cop we all know and mostly love (sorry Ryan Reynolds, you're a much better Wade Wilson than Hal Jordan).

But with all of the easter eggs, especially the mention of the missing pilot from the Ferris Air Field in The Flash in season one, it's possible to assume that Green Lantern does in fact exist, but is just off-world for the time being.

How Green Lantern Would Change Things

In the comic continuity, Hal is not only best friends with Barry Allen, but he's also been a great friend to Oliver Queen too. On top of that, he is also a founding member of the Justice League, which we hopefully will be seeing soon, with the Justice Society of America reveal at the end of Legends of Tomorrow last season.

Even though it's confirmed there won't be another spinoff series, Hal would still be a fun character to see show up every now and then as a special guest star, besides, being a Green Lantern he'd be off world a lot anyway.

Why Arrow Needs Hal More Than The Flash

So! Much! Green!
So! Much! Green!

With Hal being good friends with both Barry and Oliver in the comics, it's possible for him to meet either character first and please a crowd. I think he should go to Arrow first for a multitude of reasons, but first and foremost, because it needs a boost.

The show has been fairly slow recently, and while most people blame that on Felicity (I do too, but there are other ways to fix it), I think the best way to please both crowds is to introduce Green Lantern to the Green Arrow.

With all of the green, a multi episode arc welcoming the newest character could give the show the boost it needs going forward.


Do you think Green Lantern should join the DCTV Universe?


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