ByJonathan J Moya, writer at
Movie loving owner of a fashion boutique.
Jonathan J Moya

Friends should never let their friends drive drunk. Especially if those are named Chewbacca and Han Solo.

The two star along with CP30 in this edited version of Star Wars footage of Han's most inebriated moments. It is all a parody drunk driving PSA created by You Tube creator OneMinuteGalactica.

Sharp-eyed Star Wars fans will notice that the video evenly splits footage from the Original Trilogy and Episode VII: The Force Awakens that has the Falcon under the awkward guidance of a very green Rey.

It is pretty hilarious and just might save some of your inter-galactic friends from becoming crash test dummies. Remember when caught in drunk force space to take the keys and call Alliance Uber or Empire Taxi.


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