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Today, I finally read the second issue from Marvel's Civil War II! So far, I heard quite a few complaints about the issue, and how Tony Stark acted like a mad man throughout (he does). I must admit: I really enjoyed the issue and I'm curious to see what happens next. Blast you Marvel!


Marvel Comics/Civil War II
Marvel Comics/Civil War II

The last issue ended with She-Hulk in a coma and sadly, War Machine was killed by Thanos. This issue, Tony breaks into the Inhumans' compound and kidnaps Ulysses. Tony straps Ulysses into a chair and tortures him to find out exactly how his powers work. Honestly, I thought this was actually a very intelligent thing to do given the situation.

Before I get into my theory, let's acknowledge how good of a job Bendis is doing keeping both sides sympathetic. I know there have only been two issues, but I honestly couldn't tell you what side I'd choose at the moment. I think that it's wrong to imprison someone before they actually commit the crime, and at the same time - I'd want to stop as many horrific crimes from happening as well. I just hope this stays this way throughout this event.


Marvel Comics/Civil War II
Marvel Comics/Civil War II

Now, I don't trust Ulysses -- not one bit. It started when Jean Grey couldn't read his mind, and there's something about him that I can't quite pinpoint. Y'see, I could totally be wrong and he's just a scared Inhuman trying to make the world a better place -- but I don't think so. He's powerful enough to block Jean Grey from reading his mind, and then project visions to a roomful of people. Something isn't adding up?

I watch - Person of Interest, on CBS - and Civil War II has quite a few similarities to The Machine and Samaritan (and Minority Report). Simply put, is it right invade someone's privacy, in the name of protection, and then enforce punishment without any evidence? There are other things that you can draw parallels from the topic of Civil War II in the real-world, but I want to focus on the power of knowing the future.

Marvel Comics/The Avengers/Civil War II
Marvel Comics/The Avengers/Civil War II

That's always a fascinating conversation to have, but can you really trust someone with all that power? That's why I believe Stark did the right thing on trying to figure out everything about him. Tony should know everything about his parents, especially with that Captain America's twist that just recently went down.


What if Ulysses is making all these things happen? That he can manipulate the probability of a situation for the outcome he desires -- with a little telepathy sprinkled on top? Or he's just working for some bad people. Really, what if he's working for some unsavory characters, and they ask him to do some awful things? We don't know his history.

Anyone with this great of power, will ultimately be corrupt. I could go into further implications, but would that twist actually make Civil War II better? Jeepers, if The Inhumans thought they have bad relations now, wait until people get a load of this.

That's the question that one must ask if this theory has any merit whatsoever. The last Civil War ended with Steve surrendering, and then being assassinated. What bombshells would make this just as memorable. Can you really trust any organizations that can say anything without any proof to back it up -- and then enforce their ruling. That seems a little corrupt.

Or am I just totally missing the point? Tony will give in and they'll continue to save people from horrible events before they happen? Everything will work out at the end.

Or will someone find out Ulysses dirty little secret and he then rats on them without any proof, only what he saw in his vision. Propelling a few people that know that person extremely well, to investigate further to help their friend. Wait, did I just go down a rabbit's hole?


That is the main point of the story: You can't trust anyone with agendas, because they will do anything that suit their needs. Like, the government is having a problem with one particular person, and then he ends up in jail -- because he was about to commit an atrocity against the United States. Now, they just ruined this man's reputation and got him out of their way to do whatever they like.

Now, I could be totally wrong. I'm just blowing things way out of proportion and this is not how Marvel's Civil War II will end. Can you really trust something without any oversight, and limitless power (besides Superman)? So, I think I'm officially on Tony's team, but I'd rep Captain Marvel's team so Ulysses doesn't rat me out.



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