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[SPOILER WARNING: Episode 'Vengeance Is Mine' of Outlander is discussed here. Turn back if you don't want it to be spoiled for you]

'Vengeance is mine' was a breather episode from all the war in . It may have been a slow-paced episode in comparison to the latest installments, but it brought back that boy-rescues-girl mood that was the staple for most of Outlander's first season.

It was nice to take a step back from Jacobites, highland charges and Bonnie Prince Charlie, so let's have a look at the top moments in 'Vengeance is Mine'.

Spoilers ahead.
Spoilers ahead.

Away With You, Fraser!

Prince Charlie clearly wasn't born to lead - not matter how rightful in the eyes of God he might be. In one moment, he scolds his officers for deserting him in his plan to march south and take London, and later takes off with those same officers in the dead of night. I mean, it's hard to keep track off his mood swings!

Jamie tries, hard as he might, to convince the Prince's advisers that taking London is the right move, but he fails nonetheless. He apologizes to Claire for not being able to change the future since, had the Jacobite army actually gone south, it would have changed history - perhaps even giving them a chance at Culloden Moor.


No such luck.

Instead, Jaime and his men get sent north, to Inverness, much to Dougal's dismay.

"Am I Not Lady Broch Tuarach?"

So, north they go and - as it does - trouble finds them. The lads from Lallybroch find themselves trapped in a church, with Rupert shot in the eye and without any means to escape the English soldiers who come a-knocking.

Since Jamie already has a price on his head (we still don't know how that came about, sadly), he suggests his surrender in exchange for the others's lives, but Claire is having none of it. Once again, it seems being English is the best escape plan ever, and she poses as a distressed hostage in need of rescue. Will that ever get old?

It was nice though, having Claire step up to her responsibilities as Lady Broch Tuarach and protecting her men.


Sweet Jamie

This scene was a delight, in many aspects. It was a glimpse of the relationship Claire and Jamie share in the novels, which gets so little time - apart from their steamy scenes - on the show. This is the Jamie we all fell in love with in Diana Gabaldon's pages and it was wonderful to see him finally get some room in Outlander.

Via Outlandertvnews
Via Outlandertvnews

Marie Claire has the exclusive clip.

Ae (Not So) Fond Kiss

It all goes smoothly, until Claire isn't taken to the garrison she was supposed to, ending up in the Duke of Sandringham's house. Talk about bad luck!

A lot happens in the short while Claire is in the Duke's keep, but it's enough to know the Duke of Sandringham is no more! It turns out, the Duke was the one responsible for the attempted rape on Claire - and the actual rape of Mary Hawkins - and, as promised, Murtagh delivers his vengeance at Claire's feet (in the form of the Duke's head!).


R.I.P. Duke of Sandringham. Black Jack will surely miss you - and no one else.

There are only 2 episodes left this season and, next week, we'll get Black Jack Randall, Culloden and the beginning of the end.

Outlander's 'The Hail Mary' airs next Saturday, on Starz.


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