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Warning: Contains spoilers up to the most recent episode of Game of Thrones

We all know Game of Thrones as the show that leaves fans in tears each week. Favourite characters come and go as quickly as new ones pop up. These characters not only fight for their survival, but also for the right to sit on the Iron Throne. The question this article wants answered is: in the perfect Game of Thornes Universe - who would actually be fit to sit on the Iron Throne? Who has the skills, charisma, character and backing to make a great ruler?

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys is definitely the fan favourite to be sitting on the Iron Throne. A Queen who unites Essos and Westeros - abolishing slavery and freeing the people with each nation she conquers. Daenerys appears to be the perfect Queen - she is a strong female character, works for the good of the people and has a great sized army backing her. She is also slowly gaining support from some of the Great Houses of Westeros. House Greyjoy (through Yarra and Theon) have just pledged their support to Daenerys - giving her 100 ships. I also wouldn't be surprised if Dorne sides with her, since they have no love for the Lannisters.

There are two main problems with Daenerys becoming Queen. The first is that she institutes change quickly and tends not to think it through. This was shown in her conquering of Essos - she quickly took over nations and left them to their own devices, in which the Masters began resuming control. Even in Mereen she wasn't able to keep a complete hold on the nation. Through abolishing slavery she completely revolutionised the economy of Essos, but had nothing to replace it with.

This leads into my second concern with her as Queen of Westeros. In Season 1, it is revealed that the crown is essentially paid for through Lannister money. Essentially the running of most of Westeros is done through Lannister money. Without a strong economy in Essos - Daenerys cannot even seize economic control of Westeros. She would literally come in, conquer and then poverty would ensue. While her aim is to destroy the Great Houses of Westeros - again, the Westerosi economy is linked to them. Daenerys would either need to use the money from Essos to finance Westeros or would need to slowly create an entirely new economic system in Westeros.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion, again, is another fan favourite. His quick wit, and mental fortitude have made him into an inspiring figure. He works for the best of the populace, putting others needs before his own. He's always ready to take the lead, and guide people to safety - a striking example of this was during the Battle of the Blackwater. He took charge, when Joffrey ran, and inspired his troops. In a perfect world, Tyrion would be a great King, but unpopular with the people.

Tyrion does what is right, not what is popular, which is definitely a mark of a great king. Unfortunately, the general populace does not always understand. He understands change needs time, and works to achieve it. While the populace wants to see improvements happen immediately and don't understand major decision. There's also the slight problem the he was never acquitted of murdering Joffrey and did murder his father. For Tyrion, I feel the position of Hand of the King or Master of the Coin is perfect. He can apply his intellect, and work for the good of the nation - without stepping on too many toes.

Sansa Stark and Jon Snow

Sansa and Jon make the perfect dual rulers of the Seven Kingdoms, but not in the Targaryen/Jaime-Cersei way! Sansa and Jon are incredibly strong in their own ways, they compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses. They also form the perfect support system for one another.

So how would the man who knows nothing fare as the King? I'd argue he would be pretty good. Jon, just like Tyrion, does what's right, not what other's want. He let the Wildings through, knowing that otherwise they would be slaughtered and be revived as part of the White Walker army. Despite, most of the Night's Watch disagreeing his him, he still saved thousands of lives - which he paid for. Jon himself is also a fantastic swordsman, and a great battle tactician. His main problem is that he tends to think with his feelings rather than his head - jumping into battle.

Sansa on the other hand, is proving herself a level-headed, strong ruler. She proved this in the most recent episode, turning to Littlefinger for help and putting aside her personal feelings towards him. Sansa's mental strength is one to admire, she's a fighter just as much as she is a survivor. While she doesn't know the battle jargon, she can get into people's heads. Growing up as the Lady of a one of the Great houses, Sansa has the Stark name to go with her - she has the authority and heritage to influence the entire North. She's also developed key skills in understanding politics and House loyalties.

The only question I have over Jon and Sansa, are their ambitions. I feel after the Night's Watch, Jon is just searching for a place to rest and return to some sense of normalcy. I'm not entirely sold on the idea that he would like to be King of Westeros - he's had enough of fighting. Similarly with Sansa, she's focused on finding her family, after reclaiming her family home. Both of them are more concerned with protecting what is theirs rather than trying to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. It will be interesting to see how their story develops with Littlefinger in Winterfell and the Freys on the horizon.

Margaery Tyrell

I feel not much attention has been paid to Margaery in terms of her potential of being the Matriarch of Westeros. Currently married to Tommen, Margaery is in prime position to rule Westeros if (when) he dies. Margaery has the financial backing of House Tyrell, the second largest house in the whole of Westeros. Lannister money is mostly tied in the state and won't be withdrawn since Kevan Lannister is Hand of the King to Tommen, and probably would remain on to Margaery. Margaery's house could then add even more to this - perhaps even creating a time of great prosperity in Westeros.

Margaery is also seen to be incredibly popular with the common. Through her charity work, as well as her latest stint in the Sept. She has the wit and charisma to be the one ruler of Westeros - below a sweet veneer. She knows exactly when and how to act. Taking all considerations into account before doing anything. She also shows loyalty to her house and the people. Margaery learnt well from her Grandmother, Olenna Tyrell. In the Game of Thrones - Margaery is the silent killer.

So while I would bend the knee to Daenerys, I'm not convinced that the Mother of Dragons has what it takes to rule both Essos and Westeros. Tyrion, and the duo Jon and Sansa also have their positives and negatives in regards to their rules. Currently, I'm sold on the idea of Margaery as the Matriarch of Westeros. She's in a prime position to take over, has the backing of a Great House and the intellect and political savvy to go with it.

So in your perfect Westeros, who do you think is right to sit on the Iron Throne? Let me know down in the comments.


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