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Reboots, remakes, and odd sequels seem to be the bludied and beaten horse of Hollywood for the past couple years now. It came first with TV show relaunches like The X-Files, Gilmore Girls, and Twin Peaks. Movie relaunches have taken over as well, with titles like blockbuster hits Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Terminator: Genesys, and the upcoming Indiana Jones 5. What is new, however, is the recent fascination with bringing new life to cartoon properties, especially those of the early to late nineties. The more recent being the Nickelodeon TV movie adaptation of Hey Arnold!

But the best news comes from a producer behind the Adult Swim series', The Boondocks and Black Dynamite. His name is Carl Jones. And Carl Jones has had some pretty sweet meetings with a certain person who may be named Joe Murray. If that name doesn't ring any bells for you, I'll clue you in on just who that is.

Joe Murray
Joe Murray

Joe Murray just happens to be the creator of the Nickelodeon series, Rocko's Modern Life. Yes, you can go ahead and super geek freakout right now. I totally did when I first found out. That's right boys and girls, Rocko may indeed be heading back to our TV screens in the near future! Carl Jones (mentioned above) recently revealed on Twitter that his meeting with Joe Murray, initially about the creation of a new animated series, led to the discussion of bringing our favorite cartoon wallaby back into living rooms all across the country. Excuse me while I catch my breath...

Rocko's Modern Life still
Rocko's Modern Life still

This tweet, sent out back in April of 2016, sent shivers down the spines of Rocko fans who are still incredibly anxious to hear more about the potential relaunch of one of Nickelodeon's (arguably) better shows of the past two or three decades.

Now, remember to remain calm as we go over the doubt portion of this piece. There were no clarifications to just exactly how Rocko would be returning. We don't know if it's an online short or possibly a comic book series. What we do know, however, is that Rocko is rumored to be taking part in the upcoming Nickelodeon original movie that unites all its current and former animated properties into one giant film, reportedly in the same vein and style as Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The voice behind the character, Carlos Alazraqui, also tweeted back in April a picture that showcased him having a talk with the show's creator and producer. This, at least to me, sounds incredibly promising.

And even if it is just a smaller role in the upcoming Nick montage movie, I'll be just as excited as I was in the nineteen-nineties when a new episode of Rocko would come rolling on to my TV screen, effortlessly spreading his infectious joy and laughter with their crude humor and often risque adult references. Hopefully we'll hear more soon from someone closely attached to the project, as we patiently but eagerly await the long anticipated yet to be confirmed return of a new Rocko's Modern Life.

What do you think about this? Should Nickelodeon attempt to reboot 'Rocko'? Or should they just leave it alone? Let me know in the comments section below!


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