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After excessively binge watching the fourth series of Orange is the New Black, I felt it necessary to dedicate an article to Samira Wiley's Poussey Washington (don't worry, all potential spoilers will be covered with a spoiler box).

Throughout the past four series of the Netflix hit, Poussey has become a favourite to many of us, given her innocent, loving, and cheeky nature.

Here's 5 times viewers fell in love with Poussey Washington:

When Poussey defined love:

It's safe to say that Poussey stole everyone's hearts when she was asked to describe 'what is love?'

Poussey and Taystee's friendship

I think we can all agree that Taystee and Poussey's friendship was goals. They've been for each other through the highs and lows, and managed to have a laugh along the way.

Taystee has really been there for Poussey like when she found out about her drinking problem; and in return Poussey has really been there for Taystee like when she came back to Litchfield.

It's their constant love and support which makes the penultimate episode of season four even more heart breaking. Feeeels.

When she stood up to her German girlfriend's father

In season two we see the inmate's back story, and the life she had with her German girlfriend.

She stands up to her girlfriend's homophobic father, saying that she loves his daughter and he doesn't get to decide what happens in her life. We then see a cute father-daughter moment when her father prevents her pulling out a gun, and stands up for his daughter and her sexuality.

She stands up for and is passionate about what she believes in. You go girl!

When she had the 'sex' chat with Brook

Throughout the series, I've found Brook rather irritating, but I found her less so in season four.

The couple really hit it off this series, and even start planning a life together. They took the plunge and took things to the next level.

Brook found herself unable to give Poussey oral sex, and Poussey's response is what anyone in that situation would want to hear. She tells Brook that's it ok, and there's not pressure. She's ready when she's ready.

Poussey really is girlfriend material.

Season four's flashback

After the heartbreaking penultimate episode of Orange is the New Black, the last episode focuses on Poussey's life before Litchfield.

Unlike most flashback's, it doesn't feature the character's arrest, more her enjoying the simplicity and randomness of life. And that's how I take Poussey's final scenes; that she embraced all opportunities in life, even those inside Litchfield.

Overall, Poussey is one of the best characters in Orange is the New Black, and represents the good. OITNB does well to show the characters, and thus the inmates in the programme as more than criminals, but as real people. People that had a life before Litchfield, and that have a life and friends within.

What's your most memorable moment of Poussey Washington?



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