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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Season 6, Episode 9 of Game of Thrones. If you haven't caught up yet then head back, for the web is dark and full of spoilers.

I know you're probably still in shock following the events of "The Battle of The Bastards." That's okay, I am too, but if anything it has made me even more excited for the season finale. Yes, you read that correctly, next week's episode is the season finale: "The Winds of Winter."

But let's not fret just yet, as the episode looks incredibly exciting. Remember that it will be the longest episode in the show's history, so it has to be amazing. Take a look at the promo below:

See what I mean? Now, that you've had a little more time to digest the events of "The Battle of the Bastards," lets dive in and take a closer look at the most exciting moments from "The Winds of Winter" promo and what they could potentially mean for the show.

The Trial

One of the most exciting storylines that is going to be covered in the extended finale is Cersei and Loras' trial. From the promo, we can see that Loras will be standing trial -- but what will happen?

As we know, Margaery definitely has a plan, so hopefully her brother will not come to any harm. Cersei, on the other hand, will not risk humiliation again, especially at the hands of the High Sparrow. Will she stand trial or will the Mountain intervene? One thing's for certain, the storyline will come to a head and everybody will not escape unscathed.

What Does Littlefinger Want?

We may be indebted to Baelish for what he did during "The Battle of The Bastards," but he looks set to return to his creepy ways in the season finale. Or perhaps I should say his creepy obsession with Stark women -- does he want Sansa?

Has we wanted Sansa this whole time? Only time will tell, but with Littlefinger everything comes with a price and Sansa owes him.

What Fate Awaits Melisandre?

As we saw in "The Battle of The Bastards," Davos discovered what happened to Shireen. Clearly upset, he plans to exact revenge. In the promo, we see Davos demanding that Melisandre confess her crimes to Jon. But what will Jon do? Melisandre brought him back -- and won over the entire fandom in the process -- surely he wouldn't kill her?

Moreover, Davos asked for Melisandre's help, so technically they are all indebted to her. Westeros would be dark and full of terror without Melisandre as far as I'm concerned.

Is Daenerys Finally Westeros Bound?

Tyrion tells Dany that she is in the great game now and he's right. In the previous episode, Dany not only took back control of Meereen, but she acquired enough ships to take her Khalasar to Westeros.

Now, she has everything that she needs. Meereen no longer needs their queen; she abolished slavery once and for all. Her work in Meereen is finished. So perhaps now is the perfect time for Dany to set sail for the promised land and take what is hers.

With so many storylines to cover and one very extended episode left, Game Of Thrones is no doubt heading for another heart-stopping episode next week and I for one cannot wait!

What storyline are you most excited for in "The Winds of Winter"? Tell me in the comment section below!


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