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WARNING: The following contains multiple giant, hulking SPOILERS for next year's Justice League movie, garnered from a recent set visit. Proceed with whatever level of Bat-like caution suggests to you is wise...

So here's the thing about future plot-teasing movie endings. On the one hand, they typically act as pleasantly enigmatic hints of what's to come; built-in trailers for a film's sequel or spinoff. On the other hand, they have a tendency to create an odd sort of confirmation dead zone — a period of time in which we all know that something is probably going to happen, but the filmmakers can't officially confirm it because it would technically be a spoiler.

This was, it seemed, the fate of this year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — with the movie's conclusion apparently both killing off Superman and hinting at his imminent return. With that in mind, key creative figures involved in the DCEU — Zack Snyder included — have long hinted that Superman would indeed return in next year's Justice League, but have been unable to officially confirm if that was actually the case. Until now.

We Finally Know For Sure Whether Or Not Superman Is In Justice League

And all it took was physically going to the Justice League set and asking several of the key figures involved in the movie if Superman was, y'know, going to turn up alive in Justice League. As it turns out, the answer is...

...a surprisingly emphatic yes (because of course it is).

Y'see, while the film's director Snyder might have been unwilling to explicitly state that Superman was set to return during my most recent set visit, noting:

"Well, I mean, there’s a process, clearly, that would have to go on."

Before adding coyly:

"If he does appear, I think that would be a big part of the story."

The film's producer Deborah Snyder was far less reticent, revealing:

"Obviously Superman is part of the 'Justice League.' But I think his way back to us, we don't really want to spoil that."

In other words? Despite being largely absent from the costume workshops and concept art that the aforementioned set visit offered us a glimpse of, Superman is very much on his way back to the silver screen. He just might not actually get here until November next year.

When he does return, though, one thing's for sure: Lex Luthor's going to be pissed.

The big question now — other than what else we found out on the Justice League set, particularly in relation to a certain Bat-themed man — is what do you think?


Are you at all surprised that Superman isn't actually gone for good?


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