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The DC Extended Universe's (DCEU) second major entry, Suicide Squad (2016), is (as of this writing) less than two months away from release and both DC and Warner Brothers are doing all they can to generate more hype for their movie starring the worst heroes ever. On June 18, 2016, director David Ayer shared the poster on his official Twitter account with the comment "Skwad up people!" and a quick glance at the post's comments section shows that the marketing team behind Suicide Squad deserves a good pat on the back and a promotion.

Keeping the movie's now well-known energetic and offbeat tone intact, Suicide Squad's latest poster proudly show off its large cast striking poses against the backdrop of a mural made primarily of comic book styled graphics that do a good job of evoking the punk and urban art styles that have now become synonymous with the title. In complete contrast to BVS: Dawn of Justice's (2016) posters that promoted an epic clash of brooding titans, Suicide Squad lightens things up with bright colors and playful characters who look like they were played by people who had fun during shooting. While some may find this a bit out of character on DC's part since the comic book giant has made a name for itself by giving audiences some of the most serious interpretations of superhero stories seen in recent memory, Suicide Squad's anarchic vibes are definitely going to shake things up in DC's stuffy cinematic lineup.

From convicted felons to murderous psychopaths to government agents from organizations that shouldn't even exist, Suicide Squad's characters as seen in both the poster and a brand new banner (above) are off to a good start in living up to the movie's tagline of being some of the most unconventional heroes audiences will be treated to since Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). The most notable person missing from the promotional materials is Batman (Ben Affleck), who has been confirmed to have a small but important role in the movie. While the character has been spotted more than once in the trailers, nothing much is known about his involvement in the story outside of the hint that everyone in the gang has a grudge against Gotham City's dark knight.

DC comic book readers may find this obvious, especially for characters like the Joker (Jared Leto), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith) and Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) who all fought Batman on multiple occasions in the past but how the movie will reintroduce this conflict while adding relatively unknown and obscure villains like Flash rogue Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Diablo (Jay Hernandez), Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) and Slipknot (Adam Beach) to the mix is currently left to speculation. Throw in the government's people like Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and Katana (Karen Fukuhara) who obviously have motives of their own and the possibility that the tensions between characters will explode at some point become more plausible. Only time will tell if the members of the titular group will become a combination of memorable villains and antiheroes or if they're just nice pieces of concept art come to life, but if one thing is for sure, it's that we'll be seeing a lot of the squad members in future cosplay conventions.

Some may dismiss Suicide Squad as yet another superhero movie that's trying too hard to look cool given its edgy stylistic choices but in a genre that's nearing dangerous levels of saturation where it's becoming harder to differentiate one superhero adventure from the other, a comic book movie that focuses on the bad guys instead of the boy scouts in capes is a refreshing change of pace. Quite frankly, saving the world's getting pretty boring these days. The movie's overall quality has yet to be determined but right now, everything seems to be going in Suicide Squad's favor. Furthermore, the addition of David Ayer, writer of the gritty cop movie Training Day (2001) and director of the underappreciated war movie Fury (2014), helps inspire confidence in the upcoming movie and fuels fans' hope that Suicide Squad gives the troubled DCEU the shot of adrenaline it needs so it can save face after Zack Snyder's depressing BVS: Dawn of Justice fucked up and divided audiences instead of convincing them to support DC movies with their ticket purchases.

Suicide Squad will be released by Warner Brothers on August 5, 2016 and is rated PG-13.

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