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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I sure am a sucker for all things entertainment that has to do with exploring history. Whether it's time travel or solving a mystery through ancient artifacts, I love it all.

This being the reason I'm so excited for NBC's new fall show Timeless. This show is centered around the idea of time travel and will explore some of the biggest events in the history of the world. Similar to, say, The Butterfly Effect, any detail that is changed from the past can drastically change the future.

It's really going to be an awesome race through time and I couldn't be more excited for it. Like I said, I really love the idea of time travel and history so let me remind you just how awesome this stuff can be.

Remember How Awesome Back To The Future Is?

Back to the Future is definitely a timeless classic that still stands up today. As a kid, I loved seeing Marty McFly race through time to stop Biff from ruining the future. It was one of the first films that did time travel well and made it all make sense. Without this amazing trilogy, we wouldn't have amazing shows like Timeless.

Doctor Who Mastered Television Time Travel

There is no doubt that Doctor Who took the idea of time travel and made it absolutely perfect for television. Doctor Who is one of the most beloved series of all time -- one might say the grandaddy of modern time travel stories -- the main reason being the complex storylines they are able to pull off with the intricate use of time travel. Doctor Who has reached the level of success that Timeless, I think, could achieve.

11.22.63 Showed Us Exactly How Awesome History Is

One of the most beloved era's of American History is the early '60s and 11.22.63 brought us that era to its full effect. Deep, complex storylines that just seemed to work perfectly made this mini-series something really special. This series gave us just a little taste of what we should expect from Timeless. Traveling back to different era's of the past and trying to change events in history is so compelling to me and I can't wait to have a whole series based around that idea.

Assassin's Creed Brought Us Interactive History

Let's be honest, the most entertaining part about Assassin's Creed was never the missions, the characters, or even really storyline. The real fun was exploring these different eras and getting a sense of what life was really like all those years ago. Being able to play through key events in history brought me some of my fondest gaming moments. It gave me feelings that I hadn't felt for a long time -- at least until I first saw the Timeless trailer.

Legends Of Tomorrow Brought Superheroes To The Mix

Superheroes are probably my favorite thing on the planet besides time travel, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow gave me the best of both worlds. Superheroes are truly timeless and it brought an entirely new dimension to time travel storytelling. It was emotional, gripping, and extremely complex -- I absolutely loved it. Timeless shares many of these same qualities and I think we will really be in for a treat.

Lost Instantly Became One Of Our Favorite Shows

Image Credit: ABC
Image Credit: ABC

While it did struggle a bit the last few seasons, there is no denying that Lost is one of the best TV shows ever. As soon as I watched the first episode, I instantly became addicted and I watched every season until the end. I know I wasn't the only one as the fandom for this show is insane. Timeless has an opportunity to build a mythology and legacy in the same way Lost did.

Night At The Museum Is As Fun As It Is Harmless

Night at the Museum is the perfect example for just how fun history can be. I know its target audience is younger kids, but there is no denying that Night at the Museum is a fun ride for anyone who loves history in entertainment as much as myself. Timeless is showing a lot of potential to not only be serious, but to add a bit of good humor in there as well which the perfect balance that Night At The Museum struck perfectly.

If You Like These Things, Timeless Is For You

The trailer for this show looks really awesome. I'm really impressed by the tone they were able to use, finding the perfect balance between dark, gritty, and fun. It isn't very often that I get real excited for shows like this but I really have a buzz about it.

The first episode seems to be centered around the Hindenburg tragedy and it will be really interesting to see how the future changes as they visit other historical events. This show is going to be really awesome and I really encourage you all to join me and check it Mondays this fall on NBC.


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