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Dragon Ball Super Episode 48 is the second episode of the latest ‘Future Trunks - Black Goku Arc’. It aired on FUJI TV last Sunday, 9AM. Dragon Ball Super finally adopted the dark and serious theme that the fans have been demanding for a long time.



Okay, we moved into episode 48 with a lot of questions in our minds. Honestly, I can’t say this episode contained the amount of information’s I was originally expecting to see. It basically just detailed what we already knew from the preview of Episode 48 that even not to a full extent. They didn’t show everything they teased. But the animation quality was top-notch, perhaps the best till now. And it also had a lot of cool, fun and intense moments. And unlike episode 47 this one had a good combination between the Dark and Grimy theme of the future timeline and the lighthearted joyful theme of the current timeline. All the scenes looked very relevant.

The last episode ended with Black Goku pretty much killing Mai after having killed Bulma previously. And till now they are still implying that Mai is dead. Though a majority of the fans are expecting to see more of Mai and it would really be awful if this was all they had to offer. Because they promoted Mai like she is going to play a major role and killing her off after only one episode would be a very bad decision. Let’s just hope that she somehow comes back or we get to see her in flashbacks or something similar.

Evil Goku vs Future Trunks Combat
Evil Goku vs Future Trunks Combat

We finally got to witness a short yet proper clash between Black Goku and Future Trunks. Note that they are still terming him as Black instead of Black Goku as termed by Akira Toriyama earlier on. And I’m going to stick with that unless they directly contradict it.

Super Saiyan Future Trunks Dragon Ball Super
Super Saiyan Future Trunks Dragon Ball Super

So, Future Trunks after losing Bulma and Mai finally decides that it’s time he goes for it. But at the same time, he is being technical knowing that it’s not possible for him to defeat Black Goku. If it was he would do it earlier on. However, he finally transforms into a Super Saiyan. So if you have been wondering what actually happened and if he is unable to go super here you go. Also, it throws out that ridiculous claim some people made that Trunks was in god form.

Future Trunks Sword Attack Dragon Ball Super
Future Trunks Sword Attack Dragon Ball Super

Black Goku was a bit surprised and Trunks landed a blow on him without any obstruction. It didn’t really look like he was hurt but just that he was caught off guard. But Trunks fails to keep up with Black Goku. So he cleverly uses his sword in a boomerang style blasting Black Goku’s own ki ball type of attack that he was charging and unleashed a timely Masenko to create a big explosion buying him enough time to go to the underground of capsule corp and start the time machine. A location Black Goku had no idea of. However, there was this last minute tense moment when the time machine appeared right in front of Black Goku before flying off to the past. Black tried to attack him with a Dark Kamehameha but luckily the time machine vanished just in time dodging the attack. Black is totally confused as to what happened it looks like he is concentrating his Dark ki to detect Trunk as we see a dark purplish aura around him. From the preview, we know even Dark Goku manages to travel back in time! So this is big, this guy without the help of any time machine can travel through time! Maybe that’s why they said it’s going to be a battle surpassing time and space. I’ll come back to this later.

Dark Kamehameha Dragon Ball Super
Dark Kamehameha Dragon Ball Super

This short ‘Black Goku vs Future Trunks’ clash was very well animated. The ki blasts looked just amazing. Pretty enjoyable! But I can’t help but wonder why Trunks didn’t go super earlier on when he was deflecting Black’s attack. Maybe he could have saved Mai if he did that earlier?

Future Trunks Distracts Black Goku
Future Trunks Distracts Black Goku

Future Trunks was able to land a blow on Black. So, it also raises a question as to how strong Black Goku really is!? I mean even a Super Saiyan 3 Goku couldn’t touch Beerus when he first appeared. So, maybe Black has some sort of transformation or a greater power will follow. Interestingly enough we didn’t get any info about this Green Kaioshin/ Makaioshin who is teased in the intro but we do know that his name is Zamasu meaning ‘To Be’. So, I really wonder if Black Goku can take on Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta since the trailer of episode 48 confirms that he is coming to our timeline and our earth on the very next episode. That even at the presence of Beerus and Whis! Guys, what do you think will happen? This is really confusing. Will Black Goku really take on and defeat all of them? which seems very unlikely from what has been established till this episode. Or will he retreat and come back stronger?

Black Goku vs Goku
Black Goku vs Goku

Actually, I wasn’t expecting him to appear on earth so early and kind of thought his entrance would be more Grand and chaotic. Is this somehow hinting that there might be more 'Black' characters?

2 other interesting things to note, throughout the episode he kept terming Trunks as ‘ Saiyan ‘ and appears that he has some kind of grudge against the Saiyan race. Like he says,

Black: "Done saying goodbye, Saiyan? Your turn is next."
Black: "A pitiful end to a proud warrior race."

He keeps hinting that he is not a Saiyan or at least has some bones to pick with this Saiyan race. We never see this type of hate for the Saiyans except Frieza. And who else could hate Saiyans so much other than the Tuffles. Now that’s another thing to be curious about. Do let me know what you think about this in the comments section.

Another interesting thing is Black Goku calls Trunks by his name meaning he knows him too. So, that’s a whole lot of story we deserve to hear.

Unfortunately dumping our expectations Future Trunks only woke up at the very end of the episode and instead of telling us some fun story he resorted to attacking Goku.

The return of Future Trunks and Kid Trunk’s reaction to it was fun to watch. So yeah they never told him about his future time-traveling counterpart. Meanwhile, The Pilaf Gang friendship with Future Trunks also keeps getting stronger over here. As they were seen studying in a class together. We can also see something developing between Trunks and Mai. As Mai invites herself over at Trunks’ place for studying; young love!

I loved how Pilaf kept telling Trunks that it must be his brother and pissed off Bulma by saying he can't believe Bulma gave her "illegitimate" son and Trunks the same name. Meanwhile, as Bulma awares them Goku and Vegeta comes back to earth accompanied by Whis and Beerus. Goku brings senzu bean for healing Turnks.

Future Trunks is absolutely broken mentally even more than physically. He lost Bulma and Mai but couldn’t react to it emotionally he had to be very brave and act instantly instead of like mourning for them. But it is hitting him slowly as soon as he wakes up his eye catches Goku only and after seeing Black Goku doing all that his instant reaction was to try to attack Goku. Goku blocks the attack and that’s where the episode ends. It’s shocking to them because they really don’t know a thing about Black who looks just like Goku. However, in the preview we see Super Saiyan Future Trunks still not in control of his mind trying to harm Goku as he is just blocking him and trying to find out what’s really wrong. I think they dragged it too far I mean he should’ve realized where he has reached after time traveling. Another thing could be that in Trunks’ mind Goku of this universe is dead. Even when he was telling Mai about his friends he thought about Vegeta and Gohan. Maybe all that combined that was his instant reaction.


However, the biggest thing and the headline is Black Goku comes to this timeline as I mentioned earlier. It looks like Black has some sort of a ring through which he created a Dark portal for time traveling. This could be really insane if he’s able to do that anytime he wants. In this way, this could turn out to be more of a strategy battle than a power battle. And having the natural ability of time traveling also hints that this guy is not some ordinary being and that might as well be some reason that might catch the interest of the gods.

Overall, I think that this episode should’ve given us some more information. Trunks should’ve talked a bit giving us some new information to be excited about. Having that said I don’t really mind them extending the story and creating more episodes. It was the style of DBZ and at the end of the day, we would enjoy more. And were you expecting Goku to appear on episode 49?

I thought there would be a long origin description, they would try to figure out what’s happening and then he would appear maybe on 50 or 51. Black also didn’t look strong enough to take on them all. So what do you think is going to happen?

I am honestly a bit confused at the way the plot is progressing. And that is good the harder it is to assume the better. So, help me out by suggesting some theories and your predictions.

By the way, all the Translation courtesy goes to Herms. He also added a new information that, Trunks says that the only way to save future earth from the menace of ‘ Goku Black ‘ is with the help of Goku and the gang in the present. Supporting his statement is a notebook addressed to Bulma.



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