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As expected, our favorite little blue fish has swam her way to the very top in Pixar's greatly-anticipated release Finding Dory. Indeed, ever since the animated blockbuster hit box offices on June 17, the film has been awash with a wave of positive reviews.

Finding Dory | Pixar
Finding Dory | Pixar

And while critical opinion is at an all-time high, currently standing at an impressive 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, Dory has also been simulataneously swimming in cash. In its opening weekend, Finding Dory has just racked in a whopping $136.2 million — a new record for any animated film debut in the history of cinema. Currently, it also serves as the second most successful opening weekend of 2016, behind Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.

Take a look at the trailer below, which tells the story of our forgetful little blue tang fish and her buddies, who all go in search of her parents:

The fact that Finding Dory has done so well at the box offices must warrant a huge sigh of relief from the Pixar team. Their previous blockbuster, The Good Dinosaur, failed to bring in tremendous profits.

The Good Dinosaur | Pixar
The Good Dinosaur | Pixar

Plus, considering the original Finding Nemo drew in mind-blowing profits of $380.8 million domestically and $936.7 million worldwide, it's fair to assume that Dory's contribution, albeit slightly forgetful, may be racing ahead to achieve similar figures.

Do you think Finding Dory is as good as Finding Nemo?


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